Rich-Ears – Unlimited Universe

We love a change of pace and an injection of a new music style every now and then. Funnily enough, it nearly always seems to come in the form of Rich-Ears.

No stranger to ASIP, Rich-Ears is pretty much our resident Balearic beat(less) master, bringing his many months spent on the island, and the many hours, days, months and years engrossed in ambient music, to every mix he produces.

After 12 months in the depths of the French Countryside, Rich Ears returns with his trademark style, blending classic chill, ambient, samples and spoken word for Unlimited Universe – a true purveyor of sonic solitude, and a creator of enjoyable narratives mastered in this exclusive mix.




01. Claudio Curciotti – 5 A.M. pray number 1
02. Loop Guru – …Katmandu …Crabpeople …The Words Of The All Powerful …Sleep
03. Sigur Rós – Rafmagnið Búið
04. Chakra (Seven centers) – Muladhara Chakra
05. David Toop – Wing Beats (Composed By Jon Hassel With Spirit World)
06. David Sylvian – Words With The Shaman: Pt. 1 – Ancient Evening
07. Chris Coco – Queueing For Shangri-La With A Surprisingly Level Head
08. Original Rockers – Mecca Of Space
09. The Orb – Alles Ist Schoen
10. The Irresistible Force – Sunstroke
11. Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp – Camberwell Green
12. Goldie – Letter Of Fate
13. Haruomi Hosono – Higher Flyer
14. Chris Coco – Rain And Walking and A Strange Moment Of Calm 2
15. Chris Dooks – Gardening as Astronomy
16. Bing Satellites – Awakening
17. Chris Coco – You Parked Your Car In The Spaceport
18. Biosbios – Undan (Purl Remix)
19. Chris Coco – Did You Enjoy The Country_ _ One Song, You’ve Only Got One Song
20. Spectrum – Waves Wash Over Me (remix)
21. Jimi Cauty Streamer – PlutoSleepWalks (rich ears edit)

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