isolatedmix 73 - Astral Industries


Since 2014, UK-based label, Astral Industries have been responsible for some of the most enlightening and entertaining releases of recent years. Their output has helped otherwise forgotten or out of print music see the light of day, provided new takes on previous classics, whilst also pushing forward new music by some of the most well-respected artists within the ambient genre. 

Debuting with a release by dub-techno legend DeepChord in 2014, Astral Industries went on to release Wolfgang Voigt's live project, Rückverzauberung Live In London in 2015.  In 2016 they followed with a 1985 recording from disbanded dutch collective Chi - a timeless and undoubtedly classic record, whilst in the same year pitching Wolfgang and Deepchord together for the very first time, with reinterpretations of Peter Michael Hamel's classic, Colors of Time. By then, and combined with the continually brilliant artwork of Theo Ellsworth, we knew that Astral Industries was a label with staying-power, and a growing catalog of releases worth collecting - be it just for the framed artwork, or moreover, the complete music package. 

In 2017, we've seen an LP by Heavenly Music Corporation, aka Kim Cascone (likely encouraged by the recent re-release of his own label Silent Records), a third LP by The Chi Factory, and then just last month a beautiful album by Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell of DeepChord and Chris Troy), with a sublime follow-up album, a massive 20 years after their first. 

The man behind the Astral Industries machine, Ario is a proven expert at plucking obscure gems from the past, or ensuring that good music gets the platform and artistic presentation it deserves. In just a few years, Ario has curated a highly respected and anticipated label roster that demands attention, and has yet to disappoint. The music is always gentle, deep and often extremely vivid, be it deeply hypnotic ambient, or gentle murmurs of dub-techno. 

With curatorial talents like this, we're overjoyed to host an exclusive 2hr+ mix of Ario digging into his record collection, and interlocking a few select exclusive Astral Industries bits in-between. It's one hell-of-a hypnotic journey and just like the Astral Industries releases, deserved of your full undivided, escapist attention.


No track list on this one, due to the many unreleased pieces included in the mix. 
Artwork image by label artist Theo Ellsworth

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Jason van Wyk - Opacity


It's always easy to make comparisons in music, but they come in handy when you find something that mirrors musical styles that are hard to come-by, or moreover, hard to do well.

Jason van Wyk's new album on Home Normal bears a striking resemblance to some of our most recent innovators in the modern-classical space. Combining piano, strings, and soft pads that stretch to a limitless horizon, Opacity reminds me of soundtracks that would come often from the likes of Jon Hopkins, with tracks such as Glow and Beneath, combining poignant backgrounds with very simple piano or string melodies as heard in the likes of Monsters OST

Later on in the album, Jason brings more electronics to the fray, and suddenly Nils Frahm-style synthesizers bounce around more gentle piano pieces in For Now, Weightless and the more epic album closer, Eyes Shut. 

The only reason I call out these comparisons, is to urge you to listen. I can either do that, or continue with superlatives detailing how great this is... 

Available on Bandcamp. 


isolatedmix 72 - Wanderwelle


It's hard to break through with a distinct sound where dub-techno is concerned. From its Detroit roots, we've seen many artists adapt the style into deeper into ambient territory; adaptations into more 'dub' than techno; the addition of vocals; or dub-techno based entirely on rain recordings. And now, with Wanderwelle's full-length debut on Silent Season, we have another innovative take...

Those that have listened to 'Lost In A Sea Of Trees', will know that the album, despite being rooted in deep, dubby kicks, adds a new creative dimension to the sound we're used to.  Inspired by the mysterious pagan tribes that once roamed across the European woodlands, you find yourself transported back in time to a place you can only dream of exploring. Balancing wistful, floating atmospheres that depict an often hopeful journey, combined with apprehensive shades of darkness, mysterious whistles of wind, and slowly unfurling melodies, the album is a journey into itself - a new mystical expression of the often functional side of dub-techno. This is the Yin, to Yagya's Yang; as the rain clears and you make your way out into the dense forest. 

As if creating a part II for their Mysteries of the Deep mix a few months back, Wanderwelle's isolatedmix captures this mysterious pagan spirit perfectly, blending dense ambient and subtle churns of melodic dub-techno, all featuring a sense of exploration, mystery and unknowing:

"This mix contains sounds and moods that will transfer the listener to a mystic realm where foggy atmospheres and moonlit melodies will haunt its travellers. A world that consists of deep electronics where at times subtle ivory keys will rise like autumn winds that sweep through ruins of past days. A strangely isolated place where like-minded souls will cross each other's paths".

Wanderwelle's debut album on Silent Season is now available



01. Gigi Masin - Talk to the Sea
02. Earthen Sea - Our Bloods
03. Susumu Yokota - Secret Garden
04. Varg - Öhn
05. Mkwaju Ensemble - Hot Air
06. Fjäder - Shades of Light
07. Milena Kriegs - Svadisthana
08. Varg & Abdulla Rashim - Metro Entrance II
09. Wanderwelle - Unreleased
10. Function - Ember (Field)
11. Sky H1 - Huit
12. Huerco S. - A Sea of Love
13. Isorinne - Composite City
14. Periskop - Immerse (Component IX)
15. Isorinne - Los Angeles 2017
16. Yko - Shiro (Max Loderbauer Remix)
17. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - Un Horizonte En Llamas
18. Woodkid & Nils Frahm - Winter Morning I
19. Anthony Linell - Royal Island

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ASIP - Patterns of Perception #22


The Opal Collective are a group of artists putting on some and parties in Berlin, alongside a superbly curated guest-mix series called Patterns of Perception. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute, alongside the likes of Refracted and Jamie McCue, from our friends at Silent Season, and many other great artists. 

The mix focuses on atmosphere through ambient and techno, with some unexpected twists and turns, and you could say, even gets a little trancey... I wanted it to fit within the ethos and style that Patterns of Perception have curated, whilst also offering something a little different from the techno realm. 

Hope you enjoy the journey. 



01. Black Swan - Voodoo Crimes [Self]
02. Arovane - Electro-acoustic Session 13 [Self]
03. Graintable - Lunar Tides [Self]
04. Monolake - Cubicle [Imbalance Computer Music]
05. ASC - Raging Seas [Silent Season]
06. Lav & Purl - Altered States [Amone]
07. Roel Funcken - Android Robson [Funcken Industry]
08. Donato Dozzy - Quadra Sette [Bunker NY]
09. Luigi Tozzi - Mefite [Mental Modern]
10. Jens Uwe Beyer - Moonshine Tangerine [Kompakt] 
11. Jesse Somfay - Can You See Me I’m Waving [Archipel]
12. nthng - It Never Ends [Lobster Theremin]
13. Tin Man - Glassy Acid [Global A]
14. Alessandro Cortini - Rimasta [Important Records]
15. Magic Mountain High - Smeared Texture [Air Texture]
16. Lord Of The Isles - Beatha [Firecracker Recordings]





Arovane & Hior Chronik / Into my own - now available


Arovane & Hior Chronik return with their second album as a duo, following 2015's 'In-between'.

'Into my own' finds Arovane and Hior experimenting with distinctive feelings, styles and moments throughout the twelve tracks, creating an album full of twists and turns. Featuring a similar ethereal ambience to 'In-between', delicate instruments, field recordings and more melodic electronic influences are now apparent, forming a tangible storyline, as the duo leave you standing on the edge of a journey unknown, lost and lonesome, a soundtrack to anticipated escapism. 

Conjuring many moments of discovery as you step foot into this unknown world, the appreciation of finer details and textures slowly become apparent. You wander apprehensively across fresh autumn leaves, crisp from the morning's fog amidst a glowing soft light as day turns to night. 

Field recordings add a new depth to the duo's productions, alongside the frequent manipulation of the piano, harpsichord and vibraphone. The infamous guises of the Una Corda however, forms the backbone of the album; a guiding star as you navigate through a dense forest, unexplored crystal caves and shimmering rivers.

Balancing organic, analog tones and more metallic, experimental approaches, the duo have once again found a harmonious balance of ambient, instrumental and electronic sounds that transport you into a new world; a familiar yet unexplored territory that holds your hand, as you come into your own.

"One of my wishes is that those dark trees, 
So old and firm they scarcely show the breeze, 
Were not, as ’twere, the merest mask of gloom, 
But stretched away unto the edge of doom."

Robert Frost (“Into My Own” - 1915) 

'Into my own' will be available on double transparent LP housed in a matte gatefold sleeve & digital download, with artwork by Nick Brzostowski. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio

Buy vinyl & digital on Bandcamp.

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So lovely, just chiming, very simply in the dark of the night...
— Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio6