isolatedmix 66 - Hior Chronik


Hior Chronik's adoration for the piano and cinematic movement was one of the driving forces as part of his collaboration with Arovane. 'In-between', combined the elegance and patience of a seasoned composer, alongside the technical and creative prowess of Uwe Zahn. The combination was a harmonious balance that will undoubtedly make an appearance again soon.

Since 'In-between', Hior has released some of his own works through Bandcamp, titled 'Old Tapes Early Recordings', as well as a steady trickle of piano sketches on his Soundcloud. But it's not just his inclusion in the ASIP family that merits an isolatedmix. Hior has put together several guest mixes and podcasts before, including this Deep Electronics ambient session, and I've always admired his careful considerations and appreciation for beautiful music. 

Isolatedmix 66 features ten tracks  from the heart of Hior's library. Dramatic ambient pieces balanced with delicate piano and cinematic productions in a mix that unearths some of today's many underrated producers. There's no doubt you'll be picking up at least one of the albums featured in this mix.

While I was returning back to Berlin, I was listening to this music, and once again I felt I have no real base in my life about in which city I’m living. The place that I really belong was there, above the clouds. 
— Hior Chronik



1.吉村弘 - Water Copy [Nuvola]
2. Secret Pyramid - IV [Proposition]
3. Tiago Benzinho - Wild Swans Shall Never Be Conquered [Self]
4. Valotihkuu - Sunrise Lullaby [Self]
5. Paul Jebanasam - Rites III [Subtext]
6. Celer - The Carved God Is Gone [Infraction]
7. Jedadiah Bernards - Preface [Self]
8. Hior Chronik - Epilogue
9. Jeremy De Tolly - One [Self]
10. Veroníque Vaka — Minning um Himinn [Moderna]

Hior Chronik will be playing live alongside Arovane on Saturday 22nd April at Berlin's Roter Salon, showcasing some of their productions from their joint album 'In-between'. Attendees may also be treated to some of their upcoming material too... event info

Hior Chronik | BandcampSoundcloud | ASIP | Kitchen Label


Gailes - Seventeen Words


Rafael Anton Irsarri and Benoît Pioulard previously combined as Orcas, in somewhat unexpected fashion with an accessible, gentle ambient post-rock sound - Benoît's soft voice floating on top of dreamy piano pieces and the distant plucks of distorted guitar strings. Rafael and Benoît's newest collaboration moves them deeper into more recognizable textured ambient territory as Gailes

Rafael is known as a great manipulator of sound design, sometimes creating pure ambient tracks from just one guitar; slowly degrading, stretching, looping sounds, and then manipulating some of the many pieces of analog equipment found within his studio in the woods of New York. 

Benoît's music isn't too far from this either. Gently shifting colors and static, create a warm press of hands on your shoulders as you slowly immerse yourself in the warmth and degradation to emit from his processed guitars.

Together, Seventeen Words is their masterclass in creating new worlds. The depth and detail felt across the four tracks is a new subterranean level they've yet to reach by themselves. Often with humble beginnings, each track will go on to unveil finer detail. In album opener Requiem For An Airport Television Newsreader, it's the choral wash of vocals wrapping around mountain peaks. In Surface Variations In The Snowfall, it's the dramatic growth and swells of ambience against an unsettling guitar shuffle.

The last track, On Distant Fields, puts a gentle lullaby in the foreground, like listening back to an old country and western tape, as the hiss and textures try to distract you from the heartbreaking string melody and slowly emerging vocal-cry. 

This is music for watching clouds slowly shape-shift. Music for watching ice-sheets slowly disintegrate into the blue abyss, and mountain avalanches in slow-motion. 

Available on 12" and digital through Badabing Records.


Loess - Pocosin


In May of 2015 we managed to persuade the Loess duo of Clay Emerson and Ian Pullman to come out of hiding and put together an isolatedmix. At the time, they acknowledged new material was in the pipeline, but with eleven years since their last full release, it could've easily been another five before we saw anything hit the table. They've become one of those infamous early electronica projects that set in motion a cult following, then went off radar. People still admire and lust over Loess' recordings (albeit when reminiscing over a rare copy of 3D Concepts Part 2, secretly wishing their was more to come...)

Those fine folks over at n5MD must have some serious persuasive power (or more than likely, artists just want to be on an awesome label run by the very best). Not only did the label welcome Arovane back into the fold after a nine year hiatus, but now Loess return to n5MD with another full length, presented on  a choice of vinyl colors, no less. 

Absence has done nothing but make Loess' productions missed even more. Those slow, crunchy, stabs adorned in washes of recognizable Loess synthesizer sounds are back and punchier than ever. If anything, Loess have done what Boards of Canada did upon their return, Tomorrow's Harvest, and go a little darker, maybe even a little more sinister - the apocalyptic rumblings on Kype and the hollowed ambient tracks, Fens, and 17P13.2 seem to signal so.  

The clarity and purposefulness of each production has always been Loess' strength. Similar sound palettes can be heard throughout, but the subtleties; refinement of sequencers;  bass; washes of ambience; tiny clicks; scrapes and micro-clangs of metallics always sound new and innovative when wrapped up this way. It's a style that sounded amazing when we first heard their ST album in 2002, and going by their latest on Pocosin, won't be getting old any time quick. 

Available on n5MD


Alejandro Bento – Ripples Remixed


After releasing his beautiful modern-classical EP, Ripples in late 2016, Alejandro Bento has followed up with seven new takes on his three emphatic solo piano pieces. 

Recruiting a wide range of delicate remixers, the Ripples remix EP keeps a very strong attachment to the original melodies and comes together as its own threaded piece through varying ambient textures and more electronic takes. It's a remix album with plenty of care and consideration put into the contributors, and that consideration is heard throughout. 

Souns (aka Michael Red) adds drama and atmospheric depth, followed by LCC (Las Casicasiotone) who's echoes bounce the original piano piece across slow driving beats. The track doesn't travel too far, but instead creates a pensive backing to the striking smattering of keys.

Berlin's Leeward, continues the progression, with accentuated crackling beats, holding the piano at the forefront of the composition, slowly adding guitar and percussion to form a well-rounded take on Mar

Memotone features twice on the album, with the tropical-house infused remix of Heartbeat, and a beautifully drawn out, heartbreaking ambient take as the Regolith Remix; perhaps my favorite of the release as it twists and turns over the three distinct sections.

But there's of course a special place for any Christopher Willits take; layering the original pianos to create an orchestral, epic feel to the original fast-keys in Heartbeat- the perfect curtain-closer.

The surprise on the album however,  is Alejandro Bento's own take under his more electronic alias Axel Toben, turning Mar into the kind of driving electronica you're more likely to find from the likes of Kiasmos, or Gidge. 

Stream Ripples Remixed in full below.  Available here on Subtempo Feb 14th.




Lav & Purl / A State Of Becoming - Now Available

“When we bring our full attention to the act of listening, new worlds emerge that we wouldn’t even notice if we were just passing by, distracted by thoughts”
— Lav & Purl

Developed around intricate sound recordings, A State of Becoming is an otherworldly and spiritual take on nature and being. Organic landscapes turn into ethereal scenes of movement and life across six expansive and immersive recordings, from the hearts and minds of Sweden's, Lav & Purl.  

Featuring stunning custom artwork by Noah M / Keep Adding. Now available in digital and 2LP dusky pink vinyl over on Bandcamp.

PLEASE NOTE. The final delivery of  the vinyl has been delayed. You can still secure your copy of the vinyl at Bandcamp, and it will ship when it arrives - currently expected in March, potentially earlier. You can also sign up to be notified when Juno will receive their (150) copies here where they have cheaper shipping to Europe and ROW.

Read more on the album and its inspiration here.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the album so far and a special shout to Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio 6 who has been giving it some amazing airplay.