36 / United Kingdom

36 is the alias of Dennis Huddleston, who has been a prolific and leading figure in the modern ambient scene for close to a decade. Beginning with his debut album Hypersona, he has been sharing his own highly-emotive blend of electronic music, which has melted the hearts of music lovers around the globe. He has released his music on labels as diverse as Ultimae, Mystic & Quantum, ICASEA and our very own ASIP. He also runs his own label 3six Recordings, which he describes as a love affair with the vinyl format.
The core of the 36 sound is a combination of warm melodies and widescreen atmospheres, that is never shy from the abstract, but one that remains highly accessible. It's dreamy, introspective midnight music, and the perfect soundtrack for your own Strangely Isolated Place.

36 / The Infinity Room (ASIPV006)


AROVANE / Germany

Uwe Zahn has been a driving force behind the IDM sound and analog experimentation for over 15 years. His early releases on City Centre Offices created a new era of music for electronica fans, and his unique production techniques saw legendary album such as Atol Scrap (2000) and Lillies (2004) cemented as the genre's best.

Uwe said Goodbye in 2004 and made a surprise return on n5MD in 2013 with Ve Palor. Since then, Arovane has been relentless in the studio, and this new energy has seen him partner with Hior Chronik on ASIP's first artist album, "In-between", with more productions currently in the works. 

Arovane & Hior Chronik / In-between (ASIPV003)



Hior (George Papadopolous) is best known for his various productions with Singapore’s notorious ambient and neo-classical output, Kitchen Label . His most recent album, Taking The Veil, released in 2015, played host to some of the finest instrumental partnerships in the genre including, Field Rotation and Halo, showing us the sublime instrumental craftmanship George has perfected, and blurring the boundaries between ambient and classical music.

A fine photographer, George paints vivid, grainy and introspective visions alongside his partners of choice, and we were lucky enough to see hear him play alongside the skills of Uwe Zahn in ASIPV003.

Arovane & Hior Chronik / In-between (ASIPV003)


LAV / Sweden

Christopher Landin (b. 1988) has a background in visual arts, working mainly with photography and installation. He started to experiment with sound in order to further expand his understanding of space, not as a tangible thing but as an inner landscape. Using field recordings gathered in remote locations, he sets simple systems in motion with the intention of them gradually building complex atmospheric results.

Lav & Purl / A State Of Becoming (ASIPV007)



Leandro has been a pivotal producer in the evolution of ambient music and holds one of the most unique production styles within the genre.

Since his early Pop Ambient inclusions on Kompakt's esteemed series, to his 2015 album El Reino Invisible, and more recently a remix for The Orb, the Argentinian producer has an instantly recognizable melodic and warm approach to ambient music. 

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri / La Equidistancia (ASIPV008)



From his early Pop Ambient compilation features, to his most recent release with A Strangely Isolated Place; Markus' trademark sound has never faltered, carving out a unique space that exists between dense, looping ambient and heady dub-techno. 

With albums on Kompakt, Sending Orbs, Moodgadget and Affin, Markus finally graces us with his most considered album yet, focusing on the legendary planet, Theia.

Markus Guentner / Theia (ASIPV004)




Producing electronic music since 2002, Irishman Brendan Gregoriy is more widely known for his distinctive house and techno productions as Chymera. Esteemed labels such as Ovum, Cocoon, Delsin, NRK and Dirt Crew have played host to Chymera’s melodic, synth-laden style, with his live hardware/Ableton performances occupying infamous venues such as Panorama Bar, Womb, Output, Rex Club and more over the last few years.

After featuring on John Beltran’s 2015 compilation, Music for Machines (Delsin), 2016 sees Chymera turn to new inspiration to further unveil his ambient guise, Merrin Karras. Born in the cold winters of Berlin, the sound of Merrin Karras lends itself to Brendan’s experience performing and producing techno music, and the inspirational sounds of Klaus Schulze, Biosphere and Steve Moore. Merrin Karras’ impeccable production skills juxtapose addictive melodies, pensive atmospheres and euphoric beat-less chords; focusing on the warm, powerful and appreciated sound of the synthesizer.

Merrin Karras / Apex (ASIPV005)


PURL / Sweden

Purl is the first artist name of the musician and composer Ludvig Cimbrelius. He began using this name at the age of 15, as a tribute to the sounds of nature that helped him rediscover inner peace. The intention behind Purl is to be an expression of the serenity and depth of our natural state.

Purl has released a total of 9 full length albums across esteemed labels such as Silent Season, Dewtone Recordings and Archives along with releases on his own imprint Eternell.

Lav & Purl / A State Of Becoming (ASIPV007)



Rafael Anton Irisarri is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, electronic music producer, interdisciplinary artist and curator living in New York.

Originally based in Seattle, Irisarri creates ambient, drone, modern classical and post-minimalist music. His recordings heavily utilize field recordings, bowed guitars, piano, strings, and electronics, creating dense clouds of blurry, hypnotic sound that often have a mournful, elegiac quality. His use of ostinato phrases taps into minimalist ideals while atmospheric layers of effects suggests a more cinematic quality in his productions. In all, Irisarri’s compositions are deeply emotive and epic to the point of being symphonic.

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri / La Equidistancia (ASIPV008)