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MAX WÜRDEN / Germany

A musician since the 80’s, soundtrack composer and a skilled drummer, Max Würden has created a distinct yet consistently experimental sound across his catalog of music. Given the opportunity, Max would generate music from silence if needed, using a multitude of techniques which are nowadays focused on granular details, field recordings and custom modular synthesizers.

Despite the equipment, Max’s style remains ‘classic’, evident by his numerous appearances on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient compilations since 2015, either as himself or in collaboration with long-time friend Thore Pfeiffer.

His 2019 ASIP album ‘Format’ is further proof of the expansive library of sounds that Max has amassed over the years, executed across several multi-disciplinary techniques, creating an album that spans early space-ambient, energetic experiments and vivid synthesizer narrations.

Max Würden / Format (ASIPV016)