YAGYA / Iceland

Real name, Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson, Yagya is a humble pioneer of deep and dreamy dub-techno. Releasing under different alias such as Plastic and as part of the infamous Thule Collective, it wasn’t until his debut album under the Yagya moniker with 2002’s Rhythm Of Snow that the Icelandic producer started to make waves amongst the electronic music world.

Since then, Steini has continued to innovate and progress his sound through numerous (now infamous) albums where each one tends to strike a different chord with each fan you speak to. Be it the rain-soaked swells of Rigning, the multi-faceted Will I Dream During The Process? on Sending Orbs, or his vocal experimentations on The Inescapable Decay Of My Heart, Steini’s sound is instantly recognizable but always progressing.

With his release on ASIP, Steini has shown us his evolution into a much purer techno realm, all whilst retaining the magical sense of awe and escapism that is often found within his productions.

Yagya / Stormur (ASIPV015)

Features on:
V/A - Europe (ASIPV002)