Yagya / Stormur (ASIPV015)

Known to many for his infamous ambient dub techno album, Rigning, Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson’s aka Yagya’s landmark release took us deep amongst the rain-drenched forest. The beautiful, slowly shuffling atmospheric masterpiece set a blueprint for the notorious style we now know him best for. Fast forward ten years, and the gently falling rain from Rigning has now intensified. Yagya has shifted to something with more energy, a more defined groove, and a growing euphoric state: Stormur

Stormur, sees Yagya continue to evolve his sound into the pure techno realm. His unique palette still identifiable, but the focus now on the swirling hypnotism, the delicate tonal progressions, whispering vocals, and the underlying current that transports you. From the forest floor to the soaring treetops, the dense whirlpools of mist, and the breathtaking landscapes are now seen from above. 

Confident in its simplicity and efficiency, Stormur is focused on the subtle flow and progression between tracks akin to a full DJ set, transporting you from one chapter to the next. Each track taking its cue from the previous. The tonal shifts are minimal, resulting in a trance-like state throughout the ten movements, best absorbed in one sitting, with guest vocalist Hatis Noir (Erased Tapes) providing an angelic voice amongst the shifting patterns, swirling synthesizers and driving grooves. 


Available in transparent blue marbled vinyl (400 copies), and black vinyl (200 copies) housed in a matte-laminated gatefold sleeve, including a full mixed-album CD and digital download.

Release date: May 6th 2019

'Stormur' track list:

a1 - Stormur eitt
a2 - Stormur tvö
b1 - Stormur þrjú
b2 - Stormur fjögur
b3 - Stormur fimm
c1 - Stormur sex
c2 - Stormur sjö
c3 - Stormur átta
d1 - Stormur níu
d2 - Stormur tíu

All tracks written and produced by Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson.
Vocals by Hatis Noit.
Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich @ Calyx Mastering, Berlin
Artwork by Noah M / Keep Adding.
Additional layout by Molly Smith.