Producing electronic music since 2002, Irishman Brendan Gregoriy is more widely known for his distinctive house and techno productions as Chymera. Esteemed labels such as Ovum, Cocoon, Delsin, NRK and Dirt Crew have played host to Chymera’s melodic, synth-laden style, with his live hardware/Ableton performances occupying infamous venues such as Panorama Bar, Womb, Output, Rex Club and more over the last few years.

After featuring on John Beltran’s 2015 compilation, Music for Machines (Delsin), 2016 sees Chymera turn to new inspiration to further unveil his ambient guise, Merrin Karras. Born in the cold winters of Berlin, the sound of Merrin Karras lends itself to Brendan’s experience performing and producing techno music, and the inspirational sounds of Klaus Schulze, Biosphere and Steve Moore. Merrin Karras’ impeccable production skills juxtapose addictive melodies, pensive atmospheres and euphoric beat-less chords; focusing on the warm, powerful and appreciated sound of the synthesizer.

Merrin Karras / Apex (ASIPV005)