bvdub – Tanto


If you’re a fan of Brock’s music, or are even lucky enough to have had conversation with him, then you’ll know a couple of things ring true about this elusive character.

Brock is a genuine artist, doing it for the love – not money or fame. He doesn’t thrive on promotion, doing the latest or greatest thing. He sticks to what he knows and does best, often with only marginal movement either side of his beloved sound and for this reason, he is one of the most respected artists in the industry today.

His music is some of the most thought-provoking and emotional pieces you will come across. His combination of distant vocals, soaring atmospheres and more recently, some very impactful and dramatic beats, have helped establish him as one of the best and most innovative ambient artists of today. His releases go as far as as Kompakt’s Pop Ambient compilations, and as close to home as his own imprint, Quietus.

He’s one of the most passionate people you’ll meet. Just read one of his interviews. There’s not many artists out there who will take the time to go into so much detail, be it a rant or not – it’s passion and it always shows in his music.

He’s productive. Four albums in 2013, two so far this year (and not counting the many before 2012). To quote from his 2012 interview“What drives me to be so productive, quite simply, and at the risk of sounding trite, is that this music is what I live for. Without it, life for me literally would have no meaning…”

And after his best friend, his cat, Tanto passed away recently, Brock turned to the many aspects above that make him one of today’s greats and channelled his energy and focus into producing Tanto – his latest album and a personal ode to his best friend.

To go into describing this album wouldn’t sound right – it’s a personal journey, and one that is clearly evident upon listening. Fans of Brock’s music will undoubtedly enjoy it – some are calling it a return to his best, but the most important factor here is to support a cause which Brock believes in – and the life of a friend who has indirectly inspired the many Bvdub albums we’ve been lucky to enjoy over the years.

You can buy and listen to samples from Tanto direct on n5MD – 100% of everything from this album will be donated to the UC Davis Center for FIP Research. Available to preorder now and to buy from December 1st.