isolatedmix 91 - RichEars & Leandro Fresco - Dream Collar


It’s been ten episodes since our regular Balearic-sunset-conjurer RichEars graced the isolatedmix series (isolatedmix 81) but a whole five-years since Leandro Fresco stepped up with his second mix (with isolatedmix 47).

RichEars is a welcome regular at this time of year (we always get an itch for some Balearic vibes around this time). Whilst Leandro has been busy curating his own weekly series of gems on Frisky Radio, spending each week digging around some of the finest ambient music.

The two are therefore a natural pair to lay down a 2-hour journey and come together as one from across the globe for isolatedmix 91. With Leandro following the lead of RichEars’ first hour, the two flow through classic artists and many memorable moments, creating a timeless mix that’s fitting for watching the world go by, or an extended chill session. RichEars, in his own style, sets the tone, keeping things eclectic and lively, moving between well-known artists such as Global Communication, HIA and Vangelis, amongst quirkier samples and soundtracks, Then Leandro continues down the rabbit-hole, taking a slightly more modern approach, with a heavily German and Kompakt-related textured twist, including Bochum Welt, Michael Mayer, Closer Musik and Arovane.



Hour 1 (RichEars)
01. William Orbit - The Mighty Limpopo
02. Disastrato - Give Up
03. Global Communication - 14:31 (Reload Remix)
04. Cult Of Youth - Gymnoso
05. Calm - Light Years
06. The Higher Intelligence Agency - Speedlearn (The Irresistible Force rmx)
07. A Guy Called Gerald - Emotions Electric
08. The Superfools - Little_Fluffy_Clouds_Scavenger_Mix
09. Vangelis - Blush Response (UNKLE Sounds Edit)
10. Chicane - Low Sun
11. Leggo Beast - The New Deal
12. Harrison & Daicz - Una Luz Tan Brillante 2
13. The Orb - Montagne d'Or (Der gute Berg)
14. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away
And It Doesn't Matter
15. David Sylvian - Words With The Shaman
Hour 2 (Leandro Fresco)
16. Bochum Welt - Laurel Canyon
17. Negativland - Michael Jackson
18. Melorman - Wait
19. The Orb - Back Side Of The Moon
20. Michael Mayer - Baumhaus
21. Leandro Fresco - Verano Sin Fin
22. Gas - Rausch 1
23. Dirk Leyers - Daydreamer
24. Yui Onodera - Cromo 2
25. Gustavo Lamas - Mañana
26. Thore Pfeiffer - Tarragon
27. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - Un Horizonte En Llamas
28. Closer Musik - 1,2,3 No Gravity (Dettinger Mix)
29. Arovane - Seaside
30. HTDC - The Sky Is Black


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isolatedmix 81 - Rich-Ears: Navigator


A welcome return to our Balearic maestro, Rich-Ears, who keeps the dwindling connection I have with the white isle going strong all these years later. Now I’m on the other side of the world, I like to live vicariously through Rich-Ears' mixes, coming straight from the heart of Ibiza (the right side of the island I should add) as he enjoys summer life spinning his notorious samples and blends of downtempo, chill-out and ambient.

I've been a little slow these past few months on the site, so I must apologize to Rich-Ears for sitting on this one for so long, as he prepared it for the summer months and with ASIP’s ten-year anniversary in mind. Well, as the first day of the Autumnal Equinox, maybe there’s no better way to say goodbye to the summer…

Rich-Ears put a set together a few years back for our five-year milestone and was inspired to offer up his skills again for our celebratory ten-year, crafting this beautifully relaxed and calming set titled ‘Navigator’ as he plucks some classics in the form of The Orb, Eno, Midori Takada and Morricone; think of this as your own navigator through some essential ambient and chill listening by one of the finest selectors.



01. Keichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (TransAsian Express) [The Orb remix]
02. Spacetime Continuum - Floatilla
03. The Orb - Alles Ist Schoen
04. [Rich_Ears_edit_Navigator_ambient]
05. Reagenz - Farewell (Live at Dommune)
06. Kaoru Inoue - A Day Of Radiance
07. Midori Takada - Through the looking glass
08. [Rich_Ears_edit_ambient_psy]
09. Brian Eno - The Real
10. 36 - Shadow Play (After Dark Reprise)
11. Halftribe - Well connected
12. All Into The Mix (ambient short edit)
13. Pink Floyd - Echoes (live)
14. Enzo Cage - Enoference
15. Murcof x Vanessa Wagner - Avril 14th (Aphex Twin)
16. Crossworlds - Sunwalk
17. DJ Food - Colors Beyond Colors
18. Ennio Morricone- La Voglia Matta: Sole e Sogni

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isolatedmix 70 - DF Tram & Rich-Ears : Solar Flare


Summer has hit, which means I often find myself looking to the balearic side of ambient and chill-out music as the sun glows and the evenings extend. I spent many years on the island of Ibiza, and still hold the island and its associated sound close. Depending on which face of the island you choose of course, you can have two very different experiences, but the one we're talking about here is the magical, spiritual side, often found in the mountains, in hidden chill-out bars on the north-side, and amongst the locals who stay year-round.

No better duo can bring this sound to life than our good friends DF Tram and Rich-Ears. This isn't their first appearance as a duo on the isolatedmix series, with their "Earth Apogee" mix in 2012 bringing their eclectic and sonic appreciations together for the first time. However, this one is a little more special, as it's the first time they've put a set together in the same room,  live, hosted on the island of Ibiza.

Two-hours of meandering downtempo, chill, ambient and balearic inspiration to soundtrack any slow, beautiful summer evening. 

"Our first mix in the same room together. The mix came together magically and organically. Maybe the Ibizan air? Or the audio interference of a Solar Flare? The intro is an ode to old radio programs of yesteryear.... hope you enjoy our journey" - DF Tram & Rich Ears.


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Rich-Ears – Unlimited Universe

We love a change of pace and an injection of a new music style every now and then. Funnily enough, it nearly always seems to come in the form of Rich-Ears.

No stranger to ASIP, Rich-Ears is pretty much our resident Balearic beat(less) master, bringing his many months spent on the island, and the many hours, days, months and years engrossed in ambient music, to every mix he produces.

After 12 months in the depths of the French Countryside, Rich Ears returns with his trademark style, blending classic chill, ambient, samples and spoken word for Unlimited Universe – a true purveyor of sonic solitude, and a creator of enjoyable narratives mastered in this exclusive mix.




01. Claudio Curciotti – 5 A.M. pray number 1
02. Loop Guru – …Katmandu …Crabpeople …The Words Of The All Powerful …Sleep
03. Sigur Rós – Rafmagnið Búið
04. Chakra (Seven centers) – Muladhara Chakra
05. David Toop – Wing Beats (Composed By Jon Hassel With Spirit World)
06. David Sylvian – Words With The Shaman: Pt. 1 – Ancient Evening
07. Chris Coco – Queueing For Shangri-La With A Surprisingly Level Head
08. Original Rockers – Mecca Of Space
09. The Orb – Alles Ist Schoen
10. The Irresistible Force – Sunstroke
11. Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp – Camberwell Green
12. Goldie – Letter Of Fate
13. Haruomi Hosono – Higher Flyer
14. Chris Coco – Rain And Walking and A Strange Moment Of Calm 2
15. Chris Dooks – Gardening as Astronomy
16. Bing Satellites – Awakening
17. Chris Coco – You Parked Your Car In The Spaceport
18. Biosbios – Undan (Purl Remix)
19. Chris Coco – Did You Enjoy The Country_ _ One Song, You’ve Only Got One Song
20. Spectrum – Waves Wash Over Me (remix)
21. Jimi Cauty Streamer – PlutoSleepWalks (rich ears edit)

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isolatedmix 27 – DF Tram & Rich-Ears: Earth Apogee

It’s been an extended period since the last isolatedmix from Loscil, mainly because i’ve been focused on getting the Places Series off to go a good start. But also, as with all isolatedmixes, they don’t come around too often and I make a conscious effort to reserve the series for producers, DJ’s or artists that have a profound influence on me, be it recently or many moons ago.

Rich-Ears, with his many mixes, tribute sets and mind-bending journeys (half of which have featured on ASIP over the years), definitely falls into this category. His curations are reminders of just how expansive ambient, chill and electronica can be. They are packed full of crate-diggers gems and nostalgic samples. There isn’t a set that goes by without new music to my ears, classics re-emerging or favourites re-imagined.

And like all good journeys, it’s better experienced with a good friend. Rich-Ears’ parallel mind from across the ocean, DF Tram, joins him on this one, to rekindle a very special partnership which was evidently brilliant through their last masterpiece, Lunar Fizz.

This mix, titled Earth Apogee, is another dive into a vivid spectrum of ambient, chill, downtempo and samples that co-exist between two die-hard music fans. Their collections are expansive, their taste immaculate and this mix is a testament to their extensive music libraries and skills in curating a all-immersing musical journey.



01. David Axelrod – The Warnings Part 1
02. David Axelrod – The human abstract
03. Carlos Niño -Rabbit Island Featuring Jesse Petersen
04. DF Tram & Future BC -Sonic Breakfast
05. Brian Eno & David Byrne – America is waiting (DF Tram edit)
06. Donovan – Barabajagal
07. Air – Modular mix
08. Ursula Rucker – 7 (feat. M.A.D.)
09. Carlos Ciño and Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Fall In Love
10. Mort Garson – Symphony for a Spider Plant
11. Wild Rumpus feat. Cosmo and Gary Lucas – Tikkety boo
12. Animat – Gogo’s dub (DF Tram & Future BC remix)
13. The Doors – Riders of the storm (DF Tram’s Dirty Windows edit)
14. Sense – Praise
15. Linah Rocio / Gigi Masin – Love Letter
16. Gigi Masin / Charles Hayward – Clouds
17. Daphne Oram – Lego Builds It
18. Kid Koala – Emperors Main Course In Cantonese
19. Abel – Skipping Puddles
20. Small Black – Intro
21. Schubotter – No Healing Through Pharma
22. XNTR – Bell Mountain
23. DF Tram & Future BC – Rue De Musique
24. Unknown – Nude Interlude #1 (Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street)
25. Lush – Stray (Hole In The Sky Mix)
26. Amorphous Androgynous – Another Fairy Tale Ending
27. Barbarix – With Every Waterfall Comes A Rainbow
28. Dave Greening & Owsey – Purgatory (Owsey cover)
29. Scanner – Sounds Of Love
30. Kid Koala – Vacation Island
31. Eprom – If
32. Loop Guru – Katmandu…Crab People…
33. Ajanta – Perception of Time
34. The Normalites – The Sun Rising (Afterlife Remix)
35. Maps & Diagrams – Jupiter Incidental
36. Pharaoh Sanders – Astral Travelling (Boozoo Bajou Remix)
37. Saturn Never Sleeps – DRK
38. ActivePhaze – Soaring (Deep Haki Remix Pt2)
39. Maurizio Miceli – The Hope
40. The Orb – Pluto Calling (Twinkle)
41. The Beatles – A Day In The Life (Terminus/JFK Edit)
42. The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Yellow Submarine

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Artwork photo courtesy of Hikaru Funnell