isolatedmix 70 - DF Tram & Rich-Ears : Solar Flare


Summer has hit, which means I often find myself looking to the balearic side of ambient and chill-out music as the sun glows and the evenings extend. I spent many years on the island of Ibiza, and still hold the island and its associated sound close. Depending on which face of the island you choose of course, you can have two very different experiences, but the one we're talking about here is the magical, spiritual side, often found in the mountains, in hidden chill-out bars on the north-side, and amongst the locals who stay year-round.

No better duo can bring this sound to life than our good friends DF Tram and Rich-Ears. This isn't their first appearance as a duo on the isolatedmix series, with their "Earth Apogee" mix in 2012 bringing their eclectic and sonic appreciations together for the first time. However, this one is a little more special, as it's the first time they've put a set together in the same room,  live, hosted on the island of Ibiza.

Two-hours of meandering downtempo, chill, ambient and balearic inspiration to soundtrack any slow, beautiful summer evening. 

"Our first mix in the same room together. The mix came together magically and organically. Maybe the Ibizan air? Or the audio interference of a Solar Flare? The intro is an ode to old radio programs of yesteryear.... hope you enjoy our journey" - DF Tram & Rich Ears.


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