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isolatedmix 81 - Rich-Ears: Navigator


A welcome return to our Balearic maestro, Rich-Ears, who keeps the dwindling connection I have with the white isle going strong all these years later. Now I’m on the other side of the world, I like to live vicariously through Rich-Ears' mixes, coming straight from the heart of Ibiza (the right side of the island I should add) as he enjoys summer life spinning his notorious samples and blends of downtempo, chill-out and ambient.

I've been a little slow these past few months on the site, so I must apologize to Rich-Ears for sitting on this one for so long, as he prepared it for the summer months and with ASIP’s ten-year anniversary in mind. Well, as the first day of the Autumnal Equinox, maybe there’s no better way to say goodbye to the summer…

Rich-Ears put a set together a few years back for our five-year milestone and was inspired to offer up his skills again for our celebratory ten-year, crafting this beautifully relaxed and calming set titled ‘Navigator’ as he plucks some classics in the form of The Orb, Eno, Midori Takada and Morricone; think of this as your own navigator through some essential ambient and chill listening by one of the finest selectors.



01. Keichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (TransAsian Express) [The Orb remix]
02. Spacetime Continuum - Floatilla
03. The Orb - Alles Ist Schoen
04. [Rich_Ears_edit_Navigator_ambient]
05. Reagenz - Farewell (Live at Dommune)
06. Kaoru Inoue - A Day Of Radiance
07. Midori Takada - Through the looking glass
08. [Rich_Ears_edit_ambient_psy]
09. Brian Eno - The Real
10. 36 - Shadow Play (After Dark Reprise)
11. Halftribe - Well connected
12. All Into The Mix (ambient short edit)
13. Pink Floyd - Echoes (live)
14. Enzo Cage - Enoference
15. Murcof x Vanessa Wagner - Avril 14th (Aphex Twin)
16. Crossworlds - Sunwalk
17. DJ Food - Colors Beyond Colors
18. Ennio Morricone- La Voglia Matta: Sole e Sogni

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Air Texture Volume V


Started in 2011, James Healy has brought together some of ambient and experimental music's finest artists through his unique collaboration series, Air Texture

Loscil, Rafael Anton Irisarri, bvdub, Andrew Thomas and Steve Hauschildt are among the names to have graced the series so far, each selecting one CD as part of the two-CD ongoing series. Now for it's fifth edition, James has recruited two very well respected underground acts; from two different eras of electronic music. Spacetime Continuum, known for many pioneering early 90's releases, and Dekmantal's more recent techno duo, Juju & Jordash

Despite the years between the curators, Spacetime Continuum and Juju & Jordash have recently come together alongside Move D, to form the new analog supergroup The Mulholland Free Clinic, with some of the tracks on the compilation coming from friends and branches of this new formation. 

Spacetime Continuum (aka Jonah Sharp) is in charge of the first CD. Counting a massive 14+ albums under his belt and boasting collaborations with the likes of Tetsu Inoue and Bill Laswell, Jonah has put forth a series of tracks that capture the very essence of the 1990's. Productions from himself and other classic artists such as I:Cube, Terre Thaemlitz (as Tragic Selector) and Claude Young, round out a long-lost, and early sounding techno vibe. For those that loved the Composure Ambient Techno for Japan compilation, you can't miss this awesome selection from Spacetime Continuum

Dekmantel's own Juju & Jordash head up CD2. The duo get their chance to dive into a deep, dark mysterious and more leftfield world that flows nicely after reminiscing the 90's more electronic sound on CD1. More experimental tracks from Max D and Magic Mountain High, sit alongside some beautiful discoveries such as Anto (Hunee), rounded by the infamous Donato Dozzy and re-invigorated ambient maestro Gigi Masin

Every track on the compilation is exclusive to the release, which makes it one hell of a production by James Healy, and a must-have collection of forward-thinking electronic music.

Watch the exclusive new video for the release below. And if you're in the mood for more 90's feels like CD1, check out James Healy's mix for Silent Records

Available on Bandcamp.