Ocoeur - Reversed


Ocoeur's 2013 album Light As A Feather, danced with all variations of electronica in one of the most accomplished albums of the year. Melodic breaks and glitch, crossed with straight-up techno, made this one of my most-listened to albums and is the type of milestone release which has helped define n5MD throughout the years.

Franck Zaragoza is back with his third album on the label titled Reversed, focusing on a beautiful modern classical approach - a stark contrast to the energy in his 2013 release. Only the subtlest electronic sounds emerge throughout the ten-tracks, carrying an understated beauty projected through elegant piano and strings.

This intersection of electronic sounds and modern classical has been made synonymous recently by the likes of Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds and Max Cooper and it's a hard rank to join, yet Reversed is up there with the best of them.

Title track Reversed, Timeless and my favorite piece, Reverse Yourself, blend ambient textures and gently rolling beats, accentuated by strings, with only the smallest signature electronic glitches peppering each piece, reminiscent of Franck's earlier productions and further defining his signature sound. 

Opening track Flxo, and Souffle however, center around the piano and will make any modern classical fan draw the upmost respect for the entirety of the production - the simplicity and earnest approach you'd often expect from the most seasoned composers.

While the likes of Gionis and Time To Go and Chance, delve into more textured soundtracks, painting vivid landscapes and vouching for Franck as a master of soundtrack.

Ocoeur's ability to not only dive into this territory, but draw distinct, original sounds across the album is what demands attention. Subtle changes are all that's needed when you have the skill to let a beautiful piano do the talking. Reversed is an understated blend of my most beloved sounds and will undoubtedly be one of the best albums of the year for many. 

Reversed is currently streaming in full over on xlr8r and is available for pre-order on vinyl + digital through Bandcamp / n5MD

Ocoeur recently put together this mix for Self-Titled Magazine, featuring Floex, Nest, Brambles and The Green Kingdom.