Ocoeur – Light As A Feather (Exclusive stream)


“Au coeur” translated into English is simple: “to the heart”, so get ready for yet another great album to hold a special little place in your beloved 2013 music library.

A name which is brand new to me, Franck Zaragoza has previous releases on the Spanish netlabel Musica Vermella, and has now signed his new album with n5MD – a perfect home for such a vivid, melodic piece of electronica and exactly the type of release that helps hold n5MD in high regard amongst us melodic electronica fans.

An organic start, the album begins with ‘Light’, a dramatic soundtrack with quivering strings and a poignant melody – a darker side to something you may come to expect from Rhian Sheehan for example. It quickly takes an even starker dive with squelching beats and a distant echoed tinkering in ‘Resonanace’ which serves as a perfect prerequisite to a lighter track with beautiful instrumentation, ‘Reconstitution'; cello and violins taking center stage amongst an innocent foreground.

Don’t let this fool you into thinking we’re on to another soundtrack-esque album.’Dream Pursuit’ sets the tone for straight up electronic brilliance. If there are any deep techno DJ’s out there reading this, then you’ve just found a killer – ‘Astral Projection’. The dark and dingy club scene is primed and the crowd are gently rocking with the atmospheric chugging. The “holy shit what is this track?” moment. It’s tracks like this that inspire me to revisit my record collection and put together a mix with this as the pinnacle moment.

But don’t be forgetting the very first sentence of this post. This album has emotion and ‘My Love’ is it the heartbreaker. A distant rainy day, accompanied by a soft and gentle piano. Nothing else, apart from a gentle break in the album and sudden recognition that ‘Light As A Feather’ is going beyond your expectations.

The sharp, snappy beats that we come to love from many electronica n5MD artists such as (ghost), Proem and Crisopa, make their mark on ‘1.11’ and the album ends on a sweeping ambient number full of distant children’s voices and deep, prolonged pulses in ‘Envol’. By now,Ocoeur has you dangling from his fingertips, but should you invest in the album and get the two additional bonus tracks, you’ll fall victim to two of it’s finest moments. ‘Kids Playing’ and ‘Out The Road’ – I don’t even want to comment on these two, I just urge you to get this and experience the full journey from start to finish.

Yet another accomplished album which depicts a tale of highs and lows, joyfulness and dark, symphonies and glitches, intelligence and simplification. 2013, and n5MD has adorned us with (ghost) and now Ocoeur; this may be one of the label’s best years yet.

ASIP is lucky enough to have the first full album stream below and you can pre-order with immediate MP3 download now.