isolatedmix 38 - Bulb

My first introduction to Bulb was his track, ‘Tenderness‘, one of the most atmospheric and emotional pieces of music I have had the pleasure of discovering. Since then, i’ve stayed close to Daniil Vavilov’s music, both his more beat-orientated electronica as Bulb and his ambient alias, ‘Fill’.

Daniil’s ‘Into The Deep‘ podcast has been my guiding source when searching for new electronic music, sometimes filed under ‘170 bpm electronica’ or ‘autonomic sound‘ – a unique blend of ambient, electronica and drum’n bass styles, that the likes of ASC, Synkro and dBridge have been associated with. When artists like these push the boundaries of genres, opening up new names, new mixes and new styles, I have nothing but appreciation for the people responsible.

Daniil’s ambient work is also pretty special, as previously featured on ASIP ‘Scenes‘ for example. But as Daniil notes below, his two alias’s are increasingly merging together and his latest ‘Insider EP‘ is a great example that I recommend checking out.

For his isolatedmix, Daniil has paid tribute to the many styles described above and his emerging convergence of ‘Bulb’ and ‘Fill’, putting together a very personal journey. Slithers of light and melody cut through this deep and emotional mix – another sublime addition to the series and a genuine insight into one of my favourite producers of late.

Introduction to the mix and track notes by Bulb.

Stereogamia is a reflection of my current state, that’s how I feel now. You can plunge into my world for a hour and look at it through my eyes in some way. I don’t know anything that would have a stronger impact on me than the music. It is my guide. It’s the first time i’m not using my alias ‘Fill’ for this kind of sound. It can be said that this division is disappearing now.

The first track by Accelra is similar to birth and growing up. Something perfect, a beautiful face with the cruel reality of trying to keep to your original self. I see something familiar to me in this, so I can feel it deeply.

Second track called “For” borders with a question: “For what?”. At the end of the track we seemingly near the answer but the conclusion takes us back to the beginning leaving the listener wondering exactly that.

The third track by Jacaszek portrays loneliness through its piano and chords. In addition – rustling, crackling, vocal and strings stir the memories.

For me “Eos” is about the fact that everything is cyclical and everything has its end. I love that low voice in the track. Someone says that I have one too.

‘Hunted Twice’ by Deaf Center reminds me of a chase or a hunting scene. I like how the very stressful and dangerous atmosphere at the beginning changes to a soft and warm sound. It feels like the light on the horizon.

‘Hover’ is a very strong track. I love this song, particularly the evolution in the middle. Sounds like something well hidden trying to break out. Perfect arrangement and effects.

The seventh track by ‘Allez Allez’ is the longest track in the mix. I think there’s an epic progression here. For me, this is not the kind of track that you should unwind in the middle. The transitions helps you float away.

‘Metallic Monks’, is great. It’s the soundtrack of the game of my childhood – ‘Fallout’. The first time I saw this game I was like “What a load of crap”. But shortly I realised it was the greatest game I had ever played and it definitely changed me. There was a huge, complex, exciting and truly post-apocalyptic world. Mark Morgan was responsible for some genius soundtracks.

‘Mistake’ is from my Syktyvkar friend – Volor Flex. I think this is one of his unreleased tracks that he sent to me. You should listen to his first album called “Tramp”.

‘Gravity Jump’, another soundtrack from “Limbo”. It’s a very deep and beautiful game. Yeah, I really love atmospheric games with great sound design…

‘Alpha’ is the atmosphere of inner tension, erupting through melody and sharp fragments of sounds, which refutes the illusion of serenity. The high and distorted guitar in this track is the peak of emotions.

The last one is by my Slovakian friend Keosz. I hear the striking lyricism, tragedy and beauty at the same time in this track. Is this the end of it all? Of the mix maybe…




01. Accelra – Three Suns [Futuresequence]
02. Nils Frahm – For [Erased Tapes]
03. Jacaszek – Zal [Miasmah]
04. Ulver – Eos [The End]
05. Deaf Center – Hunted Twice [Type]
06. Ferrein – Hover [Farver]
07. Allez Allez – Defeatist (Somfay ‘Doubled Up Foldable Iona Rarity’ Remix) [free]
08. Mark Morgan – Metallic Monks [Fallout OST]
09. Volor Flex – Mistake [dub]
10. Martin Stig Andersen – Gravity Jump [Limbo OST]
11. Talvihorros – Alpha [Hibernate]
12. Keosz – Desire [dub]

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