Loess - Pocosin


In May of 2015 we managed to persuade the Loess duo of Clay Emerson and Ian Pullman to come out of hiding and put together an isolatedmix. At the time, they acknowledged new material was in the pipeline, but with eleven years since their last full release, it could've easily been another five before we saw anything hit the table. They've become one of those infamous early electronica projects that set in motion a cult following, then went off radar. People still admire and lust over Loess' recordings (albeit when reminiscing over a rare copy of 3D Concepts Part 2, secretly wishing their was more to come...)

Those fine folks over at n5MD must have some serious persuasive power (or more than likely, artists just want to be on an awesome label run by the very best). Not only did the label welcome Arovane back into the fold after a nine year hiatus, but now Loess return to n5MD with another full length, presented on  a choice of vinyl colors, no less. 

Absence has done nothing but make Loess' productions missed even more. Those slow, crunchy, stabs adorned in washes of recognizable Loess synthesizer sounds are back and punchier than ever. If anything, Loess have done what Boards of Canada did upon their return, Tomorrow's Harvest, and go a little darker, maybe even a little more sinister - the apocalyptic rumblings on Kype and the hollowed ambient tracks, Fens, and 17P13.2 seem to signal so.  

The clarity and purposefulness of each production has always been Loess' strength. Similar sound palettes can be heard throughout, but the subtleties; refinement of sequencers;  bass; washes of ambience; tiny clicks; scrapes and micro-clangs of metallics always sound new and innovative when wrapped up this way. It's a style that sounded amazing when we first heard their ST album in 2002, and going by their latest on Pocosin, won't be getting old any time quick. 

Available on n5MD