isolatedmix 24 - Leandro Fresco

Most of you will be familiar with Leandro Fresco’s ambient masterpiece, Buenos Amigos, the star on (what I consider) the best Kompakt Pop Ambient release to date. Since then, Leandro’s been pretty quiet and has only released one album, ‘Luz Sin Calor‘,  but still remains a legend in my eyes for the effect that specific track had on me, in helping me fall in love with the Pop Ambient series. Nine years on, I still revisit Buenos Amigos on a regular basis.

Leandro’s mix reflects on a similar style to his productions, with washing, melodic ambient including the legendary Ulf Lohmann, Arovane, Isan and the stunning ‘Pass Into Silence’ by Iceblink.

Wrap-up, get the big headphones out and bring in the New Year with Leandro’s warm textures.



“This is my catalogue of invisible music,
from Buenos Aires,
all the best,

Tracklist+ notes by Leandro Fresco.

1. Leandro Fresco – Lejos De Ti
The feeling I feel, when I come back from the airport.

2. Daniel Melero – 11
From his ambient record ‘Operacion Escuchar’, one of Daniel Melero’s ambient masterpieces.

3. Pass Into Silence – Iceblink.
I love to hear this song, only at noon

4. Gustavo Cerati – Todos Duermen.
From the motion picture +Bien – very inspired Gustavo

5. Audio Das Poly – Sciex Elan
From the “Juxtapose’ EP.

6. Arovane – Scapen Te
5th track from the “Atoll Scrap’ album – so deep, it’s like Tango, Buenos Aires dance.

7. Isan – Cutlery Favours
I got this CD during a short period when I lived in Barcelona, it reminds me of the hot summer.

8. Pommerence – Diacido
One of my fav pieces of Pommerenck and a very good friend of mine

9. Leandro Fresco – Laptop Granja
A song from 2005

10. Cerati/Melero – Alborada
A dark, intelligent, ambient piece, lost like an interlude in “Colores Santos” album

11. Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)
A piece taken from the ‘apollo’ cd. When i hear this, I see all in orange

12. Arovane – Ambelio
Another track from the “Atoll Scrap” album – Arovane is the best!!

13. Gustavo Lamas – Envueltos
A great composer, his music is always brilliant!

14. Pantha Du Prince – Im Bann
My fav track from the ‘Black Noise’ CD. I love the balance between the guitar and the other sounds.

15. Marsen Jules – Couer Saignant
I love Marsen Jules’ music, it’s like pressing the pause button, something very difficult to achieve.

16. Ulf Lohmann – 11.
11 is a very special number for me, in a lot of senses, spiritual and magically.

17. DD & Leandro Fresco – Thank You + Capsula.
This is a home made mix that i did with two tracks, using the end of DD’s Led Zeppelin cover “Thank You’ and “Capsula’, a track which is featured on my first album.

18. Bjork – All Is Full Of Love
A classic song from Bjork. I like this version, of course, without drum programming and featuring rhythmics loops.