ASIP – Before & After (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Adventskalender)

I’ve put together this very special ambient/dub-techno mix for the brilliant Das Kraftfuttermischwerk as part of their Advent Calendar series. So far, the series has featured some superb mixes by some of the site’s musical inspirations, so i’m honoured to take part and contribute.

This is an extra special moment for ASIP too, as the hard work going on behind the scenes is starting to come to light. I’ve featured two previously unheard tracks in this mix which are lined up to be a part of the upcoming ASIP release series. The first one, by Kit Fegradoe, set’s the idealic scene ‘In Nam’ and the second, a whirring jungle-sampled stormer from Robert Heel. More info on both of these in due course, but for now grab yourself a sneak preview of what’s to come!

These tracks sit alongside some other greats which go someway to summarising what I have been listening to for most of this year. The treasured finds of Parks and LJ Kruzer, another superb release from Energostatic, a great year for Specta Ciera and the twinkling classic of Warp’s Brothomstates help portray my idea of the calm before, the madness during and the beauty after a storm.

If you’d like to find out a bit more information about the planned ASIP release series, see here. But stay tuned to ASIP in the next few months as we’ve got some amazing artists lined up already.

Thanks to Ronny at Das Kraftfuttermischwerk for the invite and the continued support. And thanks to you guys for tuning in. Exciting 2012 ahead!



01. Kit Fegradoe – Girl Walking On The Beach Wearing A Skirt (Forthcoming on ASIP)
02. Parks – Eternal Wind (Infraction)
03. LJ Kruzer – Ter4 (Uncharted Audio)
04. Sven Weisemann – Xine (Wandering)
05. Robert Heel – Jungledub
06. Marc Atmost – Deity (Energostatic)
07. Specta Ciera – Glowing Colours (Energostatic)
08. Biosphere – Ikata (The Sight Below Remix) (Touch)
09. Martin Nonstatic – Parallel Thinking (Silent Season)
10. Markus Guentner – Senses (Air Texture)
11. Specta Ciera – Underpass (Feedback Loop)
12. Gel-Sol – As Far As Eye Can See (Psychonavigation)
13. Brothomstates – Mdrmx (Warp)
14. Soosh -Take My Hand (Self Released) Free download