isolatedmix 25 – Applescal: A Telegram To The North

I’m a lover of all things techno and sometimes when it comes to mixes, the guys that spend all their time making the heavy-hitters know a thing or two when it comes to taking it down a level. Applescal is renowned for his tech-tinged beauties that have graced the likes of Traumover the years and not only am I a big fan of the label, Applescal’s productions and remixes are also never far from a regular spin at ASIP HQ.

For those with an eagle eye, you would have noticed I managed to sneak in one of Applescal’s tracks into my latest ‘Traumbient’ mix; ‘Welcome To The Woods’ – a melodic bit of madness which formed the peak of a second tribute to the German label. You may have also caught heed of ‘El Diablo’, Applescal’s latest production released on RTFKT – a music community he lovingly maintains with a few others (you may remember the ASIP Mutecast?) Pascal’s also a bit of a talent when it comes to remixes; Max Cooper, Eelke Kleijn, Morris Cowan and Nick Warren to name just a few on the receiving end lately.

It’s safe to say the youngster has got some diverse skills. For isolatedmix 25, not only do we get a peak into the drive behind the dutchman, but Applescal mixes some brand new inspiration with the old, and when I say brand new, I mean brand spanking new. Add Télépopmusik’s greatest track to that remix list, and you have the icing on the isolated, debuted here in Applescal’s mix for astrangelyisolatedplace.

I caught up with Pascal to ask him a few quick-fire questions and you can also scroll down to see Pascal’s track notes. Follow Applescal on Soundcloud for his latest and greatest or see for more info.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the mix?
I found the inspiration on Soundcloud. There are so many talented and unknown artists out there making really good music. It’s amazing. I love to discover new tunes there and that’s what inspired me to make this mix.

Did you have to leave any favourite tracks out?
Yes, a lot… Tracks by Essay, Chrome Sparks, Tree!, Julien Mier, Aether, Jacob 2-2 and many more.

The sound in the mix is a bit of a change from your productions – when and where do you listen to this type of music?
At home when i’m checking my e-mails or when i’m in the studio. I prefer to listen it when i’m alone.

Have you considered making more downtempo style music?
Not really. I make what i like.. I never know what the result is when i start a new project. Just following my thoughts and feelings and that ends up as a song.

The mix contains an exclusive new Télépopmusik remix from you, can you tell us how this remix came about?
Well, I was working on the mix and I thought it might be cool to mix new music up with some old music. I was listening to Télépopmusik’s ‘smile’ and thought, wow, this track is really cool to edit for the mix. So, before I realised, I worked on a bootleg remix and finished the track in two days.

And the inspiration behind the mix title?
I think the north is really nice. Beautiful nature and nice people. I was going on vacation to Sweden as well when the mix was done, but nothing really special.

What can we expect from Applescal in the future?
I’m working on a lot of new music and planning to share most of it on my Soundcloud. I’m working on a new album which hope to finish this year! Pretty exciting.



01. Of Oceans – In Love Not Limbo
02. Fourtet – Locked
03. Pien Feith – I have done nothing (Applescal remix)
04. Aebeloe – Elliot
05. ◯laf Stuut – Love
06. Tonik – Snapshot Two
07. Moonbeam – Motus (Applescal remix)
08. Pional – Alabama Dice
09. John Talabot – Families (feat. Glasser)
10. Tortilla Pass – When The Sun Is Here
11. Jonas K.P. – Day
12. Yasume – Slowly, Clearly and Calmly
13. Sigur Ros – Untitled #2 (Sekuoia remix)
14. Floex – Blow up
15. Télépopmusik – Smile (Applescal’s Tribute Mix)


01. Of Oceans – In Love Not Limbo: I found this track in a mixtape from Sun glitters (makes pretty cool tunes and mixtapes, you should check them out.)
02. Fourtet – Locked: Great track. I love his style.
03. Pien Feith – I have done nothing (Applescal remix): A remix i did for Pien Feith. She has an amazing voice and hope to work more with her in the future.
04. Aebeloe – Elliot: Pretty cool track by Natal Zaks, a producer from Denmark. He has a cool label called Farver which is part of Origami Sound.
05. ◯laf Stuut – Love This is one of my favorite tracks of 2011. This young guy is from the netherlands as well.
06. Tonik – Snapshot Two: Pretty awesome song by Icelandic Anton Kaldal Ágústsson. I met him on a gig in the netherlands. The vocals are by Johann Kristinsson and he does an exciting solo project as well.
07. Moonbeam – Motus (Applescal remix): I pitched the melody on this remix a bit to make it deep. The original mix by moonbeam is pretty different and i think it’s one of the best remixes i’ve done.
08. Pional – Alabama Dice: I only used the intro of the track. it’s in the same key as my moonbeam remix and i thought it was a good interlude to the next track.
09. John Talabot – Families (feat. Glasser): Great melodie, great vibe. John talabot is very popular at the moment and he deserves it i think. i’m looking forward to his album.
10. Tortilla Pass – When The Sun Is Here: This is a beatmaker. If you’re on soundcloud, he shares a lot of tracks.
11. Jonas K.P. – Day: This track is released on a cool label titled Fødselsdagsbarnets Rec.
12. Yasume – Slowly, Clearly and Calmly: This is an old song.
13. Sigur Ros – Untitled #2 (Sekuoia remix): Is from denmark as well..
14. Floex – Blow up: This is one of my favourite songs of the set. think i’ve listened this song about a 100 times.
15. Télépopmusik – Smile (Applescal’s Tribute Mix): My tribute to Télépopmusik.