Losing Today - in memory of Brian Young


One of the best things about ambient music is the community it creates. Probably because no-one truly involved, is in it for the money, fame or glory, as none of that really exists in this genre. The majority of people you meet are genuinely passionate, welcoming, supportive and in many instances talented.

I only met Brian twice in person, both at shows I was playing in Portland. He was all of the above.

We talked in the digital realm, mostly, and he took photos of ASIP records (out of passion may I add). He took photos at the shows I played at too; edited; and sent them over after the show, without me even asking. I followed his brilliant photography religiously. In fact, I regret not getting around to asking him to feature his photography on an ASIP record. I always mean’t to ask him.

“This album is dedicated to Brian Young, known to many of us as Losing Today, who died earlier this year. Brian was a brilliant photographer whose work was used for many album covers. He was a real fan who supported our music, a friend to many in the scene and a lovely guy. He is already missed.

All proceeds from this album will go directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline”

The album is available on Bandcamp, courtesy of the brilliant Dronarivm label. The compilation features many artists I know personally, digitally, or simply through their music as a close part of ASIP and this corner of the internet; making it a beautiful coming-together of our close community in memory of a very talented and appreciated person.

Photos by Brian Young

Photos by Brian Young