Discover: Ten Years of A Strangely Isolated Place #tagged

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Since 2008, we've been discovering some of our favorite ambient, experimental and electronic music here on A Strangely Isolated Place. With over ten years of blog entries, there have been hundreds of artists included over the years, either as individual features, as part of mixes or as part of the wider ASIP community of releases and isolated mixes.

To help celebrate this milestone, we’ve compiled some of the most used blog tags in one place (462 to be exact).

This project helps celebrate ten years of ASIP and aims to continue the theme of discovery, helping you find artists you might enjoy. This will act as a hand-curated, living, breathing project, updated with new artists, new music and some hidden surprises, starting from today. (Hopefully, some new functionality one day soon!)

The ‘grid’ was designed loosely so that artists in all directions of, or the surrounding area of each artist, would be of similar sound or style, or at the very least complimentary to each other. It works better in some places than others, but hopefully you get a sense of the different styles as you navigate around.

As an example, the pioneers of ambient music are in the middle and it expands outwards from there, highlighting how this genre can adapt and evolve into many different evolutions: Electronica (bottom right); modern classical (top left); dub-techno (middle-left); shoegaze and post-rock (top-middle-right); techno (bottom) and many more pockets can be found throughout, all while staying connected in some way or another.

Find an artist you like and work your way up, down, left or right to discover something new.

It’s the anti-machine-curated omnidirectional playlist, if you like.

In most instances, we try and link to our favorite Bandcamp album so you can support the artist directly, but some will link to tracks on youtube, or a related ASIP feature.

Don’t forget, you might stumble across a few hidden few surprises behind some of those artists.

The page is best viewed on desktop. Viewing on mobile will default to the Google Sheets version to keep the best scroll functionality.

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If anyone has mad web skills and is interested in developing this project any further please get in touch.