Insights into music/vinyl, listening and buying behavior - ASIP reader survey

Thank you to everyone who completed our reader survey recently. We put it out there to help us get feedback, in order to help us improve the site, label and iPhone app whilst also taking a moment to hear from you. It was also fun to get some general insight into music listening and buying behavior along the way. Here's some selected results we discovered, that we thought you might enjoy.

Over 160 people answered the survey, so while not representative of everyone in the world, it provides a good overview of everyone here reading and listening to ASIP.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time. If you found this useful or interesting, let us know in the comments below and we'll look to do another soon to see how things might have changed in a year or so!

Despite our love for it here at ASIP, vinyl isn’t your your primary way to listen… but hey, we think listening to vinyl is always a special, cherished (and often rare) moment…

Bandcamp rules (!) when your wallet comes out, and rightly so (out of all these platforms, it undoubtedly gives more back to the artists and labels)

It’s pretty great to see you’re still a bunch of crate diggers at heart...

A good chunk of you are keeping a steady 2-5 per month cadence when it comes to buying vinyl (maybe we need to release more!?)

I had a hunch this would be the case... That’s a whole lot of vinyl patiently awaiting the next spin, gathering dust!

Digital is evidently the convenience, and vinyl is all about the experience.

Very happy to see some big collections! (Let’s do this again next year and see if we’ve managed to boost that number!)

Album art is an important factor when buying vinyl records (thankfully, given how much time we put into ours!)

The majority of you still see the digital equivalent a valuable inclusion with any vinyl purchase. (All you other labels better be listening!)

But colored vinyl or special edition isn’t always so hot…

I blame the USPS postage costs for this one, but you’re happy to buy elsewhere other than direct from ASIP….

We are however hitting the sweet-spot when it comes to the pricing of a double LP

And lastly, if (a big if) we were to repress a specific sold-out ASIP vinyl release, it looks like our very first, Uncharted Places is top of the want list.