Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 1994 – 2015


… doesn’t exist. But as many of you know, a shed-load of tracks have been uploaded to Soundcloud by RDJ – totalling longer than his entire official discography, here.

I spent some time putting my favourite tracks in the style of SAW into one playlist below. There’s parallels to SAW II and the likes of Blue Calx with Red Calx, and more IDM based track we witnessed on SAW 85-92 with Chink 101 and my favourite, nocares.

I think any Aphex Twin fan will agree, some of these are absolutely brilliant and could easily live as a third edition to the SAW series. That’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, especially now Aphex is a Grammy-award winning artist – colab’s with Lady Ga Ga are just days away… (please don’t Richard).

Each track is downloadable, and there’s plenty of people out there making it easy for you, alongside the amazing RDJ geeks putting Google Docs together detailing every detail on each of the tracks.