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Markus Guentner – Golden Fall Mix

Not what you’re expecting from Markus, but for those not hemmed by genre this is a stunning detroit techno / deep house mix. Love it when ambient artists come out of their comfort zone, but then again, as shown with many of Markus’ recent remixes (such as his remix of Norge on Uncharted Places) he does like to stray into beat-heavy productions sometimes. This must be at least some of his inspiration right here.



Markus Guentner – Sgustok Magazine Podcast 007

After numerous contributions to the Kompakt Pop Ambient Series and last years ‘Doppelgaenger’ album release on Sending Orbs (home of Kettel and Yagya), Markus Guentner prepares a hypnotic dive into his trademark atmospheric ambient for Sgustok Magazine.

It goes without saying, fans of the Pop Ambient series will love this mix, as well as those that enjoyed the simple, looping warm synths, gentle textures and airy pads within the recent ‘Traumbient’ mix. Containing all his own productions, the mix manages to maintain a perfect amount of variety between the tracks and a subtle progression throughout – one to press play, sit back and get lost in.


01. Opening
02. Babel
03. The Right Sight
04. Borders
05. Ocean Scene
06. Sunrise Begins
07. Rotation Of Stars
08. Beneath The Grass
09. Subway
10. Field
11. Certain Pattern
12. Ending

Markus Guentner - Fuselab Passage 12

The last mix featured on ASIP by Markus Guentner was a homage to some of his releases over the years on compilations such as Pop Ambient. This time around, Markus compiles some of his favourites for FUSELab with tracks from Kompakt label mates Klimek and Popnoname, ambient/post-rock maestros Hammock, king of lush bvdub and Rafael Anton Irisarri’s more techno orientated alter ego, The Sight Below.


01. Aitokaiku – Verhot3
02. Chris mcnamara – Sleeping Car, Shunting Yard
03. Shuttle 358 – Tank
04. Markus Guentner – Keep Your Eyes Closed
05. The American Dollar – Starscapes2
06. Klimek – Sunrise
07. Kevin Shields – Goodbye
08. Hammock – When The Sky Pours Down Like A Fountain
09. Bvdub – Lest You Forget
10. Dettinger – Therefore
11. Markus Guentner – In Moll 2
12. Popnoname – Nightliner
13. Markus Guentner feat. La Grande Illusion – Baghira
14. The Sight Below – Shimmer