Passing by: Frank Sebastian, Ourson, Luke Howard, Mr Frankie, Warmth


Frank Sebastian – Towards Distance

Subspiele have begun their first venture into vinyl, and it’s label curator Frank Sebastian who steps up first, with this beautiful journey through ambient and dub-techno. “…a product of my own journey towards distance. My time-out at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean – 6 months in New York“; Franks debut vinyl release is patient, full of warmth and as the detailed description over on Bandcamp implies, a truly personal and introspective piece of work. Subspiele have also made some nice-looking CD cases for the release. Available on Bandcamp.


Ourson – Wanderdrift

We’re long-time fans of Ourson’s work, and his latest, described as ‘spacey and cerebral’ is another dive into some deep and engrossing ambient realms. Available on Bandcamp


Luke Howard – Two & One

Spanning modern-classical, ambient and electronic music, Luke Howard returns with another ridiculously talented album. As with 2013’s Sun, Cloud, this is another collection of emotional and poignant soundtracks. Available on Bandcamp


Mr Frankie – Campfire Stories 7 (Secrets of The Sea)

Silent Season’s Campfire Stories is one of the best mix series out there at the moment. Playing host to mixes from the likes of Jamie McCue and ASC so far, it’s Mr Frankie’s take this time around, who presents to us the delights of AWVFTS, Biosphere, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Deepchord, alongside tracks from Silent Season artists including Purl, Yuka and Adam Michilak. Download.


Warmth – Dopamine

More dub-techno of the superb atmospheric type by Warmth. I’ve seen this picked up by many ASIP regulars already (released in September) – always a sign of a good quality release when you guys get to it before me! Available on Bandcamp.