ASIP019 Norge - 165 Minutes With You


Beauty has always had a poetic power. Whether it’s slowing time to a stand still or offering a striking contrast to the aesthetics of the ordinary, it’s a quality Norge is mesmerised and seduced by. 

“It was about 10:30 pm and I was walking down the street with a young lady, near my house at Stachek Prospect,” he explains. “I was walking, looking into eyes of this girl, dissolved in the atmosphere of the beautiful streets. I think the architecture of this district is just unbelievable as the houses there were built in time of USSR.”The surrounding beauty isn’t immediately apparent in ‘165 Minutes With You’, even if the track’s title casts a lovelorn shadow. Darkness lurks in the dense slow build of the eight minutes, the drone of traffic and insect-song washing over a passionate sense of anticipation. 

“I was inspired by the atmosphere of that evening and the sounds that you can hear in my track are vibrations which were occurring in my head that night,” Norge adds. Saturating ambient static makes this an immersive listen, with the subtle details buried deep within. And while you’d presume he didn’t count down the minutes, the force of feeling makes it feel like a lifetime.