ASIP - Modyfier: Process Part 262

Number 200 saw a live set from Irisarri and The Sight Below, 217 and Canadian maestro Jesse Somfay jumped on board. February 2010 and ASIP posted Tom McCarthy’s inspiring mix and a year later, another beauty arose in the form of Franklin Da Costa’s Process part 250.

Modyfier’s Process series is one of my favourite mix series I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon in recent years, and inspiration from the artists and productions included has been non-stop. From the stunning sets mentioned above, to three-minute miniatures and one track made from 15 others, Modyfier aims to bring out a very specific principal from its contributors; why things are made, not how.

I’m extremely honoured to participate in this series and I hope I’ve done it justice, by focusing on tracks which I believe have been made with something in mind – an inspiration of sorts, with a specific reflection or moment in time conjured by the artist.

I didn’t expect this mix to hit at the same time as the Origami Sound guest mix – weirdly enough these were both put together a few months back, so it’s great to finally let them loose. They’re very different approaches, and the ambient enthusiast among us may well appreciate this mix a bit more.

Many of of you already follow Modyfier religiously, but for those who don’t, make an essential stop and trawl through the other 261 mixes on offer. Hopefully mine is up to scratch and you enjoy it just as much as I did putting it together.

Here’s my Intro text for the mix over on Modyfier:
This is some of the most simple, yet interesting, evocative and at the same time, complex music I have had the pleasure of listening to over the years. When perfected, ambient music can take you where ever you want to go, transport you from madness to bliss. The greatest producers have found influences from experiences and surroundings, then channeled it for us lucky people to reflect upon and experience in our own way.

Most of the artist’s featured are personal favourites who I spend hours and hours listening to, wondering what, where and when helped conjure up such aural bliss. A Mojave desert, a British summer, an airport, a New Zealand fjord or a damp studio in South East London. Whatever fueled this music doesn’t matter, where we escape to when listening is the only importance.

Big thank you to Rayna for giving me the opportunity to put this mix together.


Download, or see the original post on Modyfier

01. Stellardrone – Forever
02. Altus – Sodium Glow
03. 36 – Inside
04. Markus Guentner – Express Yourself
05. Klimt – Pozegnanie
06. Kontakte – A Snowflake In Her Hand
07. Emphemetry – A Lullaby Hum
08. Thomas Fehlmann – Titan
09. Rhian Sheehan – Part 4
10. Ourson – 237
11. Koss – 1978to2008
12. Loscil – Erit
13. Negative Neutron – Trantor
14. bvdub – A Quiet Doorway Awaits
15. Geotic – We’re Gods On Miles Of Clouds
16. Biosphere – As The Sun Kissed The Horizon