ASIP - Origami Sound


It’s been nearly two months now since Herne from the brilliant Origami Sound site approached me, asking if I’d be interested in guest posting a few tracks on the site. Since then, I’ve got to know him pretty well and we share an immense amount in common for discovering new artists, spending an enormous amount of time listening to music, and cultivating our own little passions in life (i.e a website!)

I asked Herne what type of music he’d like me to post and the brief was kept open. As a reader of ASIP, I guess he had confidence in my choices, but that put a little bit of extra pressure on. I toyed with posting nothing but new stuff, or featuring ambient classics, but instead settled it by creating a mix – a method which rarely has any method at all…

For me, a mix rarely has a predefined track list but instead, I choose tracks as it goes along. What I ended up with was mixture of both old and new – fifteen posts on Origami Sound which i’m happy to see, have lent themselves to even more ears than normal over the past few months or so.

The mix (and ultimately the selection of guest posts) ended up pretty electronic, with only one ‘strictly’ ambient piece. Tracks i’ve loved for years, and some i’ve loved for just weeks. Music that hopefully provided a small insight, some new artists to dig into more, and a mix which everyone can enjoy.

You can read my words on each track over on Origami Sound, or I’ve distilled the fifteen tracks into three posts on ASIP: Wrap oneWrap two and Wrap three (tracks were posted in no particular order).

Keep an eye on Origami Sound in the near future – i’ve had a small insight as to what Herne has up his sleeve and it sounds very nice indeed…

And as some of you know, I’ve been pretty busy on the mix front recently, so expect another one very soon…



01. Gusgus – Detention
02. Chymera – Umbrella (Beatless mix)
03. Isan – Ampule
04. Freescha – Slo-Peeq
05. Sabi – Screaming Bulb
06. aus – Clocks
07. Arc of Doves – Lotus
08. D_rradio – Wish For More Wishes
09. Christian Kleine – Handsome Used
10. Dominik Eulberg – Der Zug Der Kraniche: Boten Der Veränderung
11. Ourson – 237
12. Monolake – Arte
13. FRKTL – Tidal
14. Zephyr Nova – Searching For Signals
15. TTK – Wavecoaster