ASIP - The isolated 1000

One month ago, we were approaching 1000 ‘likes’ on the ASIP Facebook page and with such a great milestone nearing closer each day, it was the perfect time to get you guys involved and collaborate on a celebratory mix. The premise was simple, name a track that you have come to love because of an artist/mix previously featured on the ASIP blog.

Submissions from the inspirational Kilchurn SessionsNick Warrens isolatedmixUlrich’s shoegaze mixDJ Vorn’s Electronic Explorations, plus recent stunners from TropicsLights Out Asia and Horizon Fire. From ambient, nu-gaze and shoegaze to electronica, prog and classical – this was going to be some journey (if not a little hard to piece together!)

Thank you to everyone who submitted and made up the first 1000. Unfortunately not all of the submissions are included in the mix – some were impossible to track down in mp3 or good quality (Release The Krakken and the Stina Nordenstam remix for example?!) Also, a few were just too hard to fit in (especially with my lack of software), so a big apology if yours didn’t make it.

I even managed to sneak in my own submission; it was one of them track’s you hear years ago, only to disappear without a trace. Luckily, DJ Rich-Ears ‘Sound of Ancient Leafs and Bamboo‘ resurrected it from my long lost musical mind – a worthy entrant I think? For a peak at all of the stories and inspiration behind many of the choices included, see the isolated1000 Facebook note.

I hope you enjoy it.



Your Tracklist:
01. Helios – Vargtimme (submitted by George Potter)
02. Robert Frost – Fire and Ice (Sample)
03. Tropics – Soft Vision (submitted by Roberto Sodano, Audioglider)
04. Leandro Fresco – Buenos Amigos (submitted by Pete Srdic)
05. Lights Out Asia – Except Europa (submitted by Wes Marlan)
06. Underworld – To Heal (submitted by Danny Fletcher)
07. Thomas Newman – Brooks Was Here (submitted by Rob Abery)
08. Adham Shaikh – Journey To The Sun (submitted by DJ Rich-Ears)
09. Bruno Sanfilippo – Intropassion (submitted by Pete Srdic)
10. Ulrich Schnauss – Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn (submitted by Matt Acornley)
11. Boards of Canada – Olson (sumitted by DJ Todos)
12. The Last Atlant – Twin Of The Sun (submitted by DJ Todos)
13. Vector Lovers – Neon Sky Rain (submitted by Justin King)
14. Adham Shaikh – Journey To The Sun (submitted by DJ Rich-Ears)
15. Lostep – Burma (Sasha’s Involver Dub) (submitted by Kevin Lloyd)
16. Pete Lazonby – Sacred Circles (Healing mix) (submitted by ASIP)
17. Sway – Fall (submitted by Sbando Lorenzo)
18. Horizon Fire – Passed Out In A Datsun (submitted by Mach V)
19. Edward Shearmur – Coda (submitted by Danny Fletcher)
20. Leona Naess – True Love Will Find You In The End (submitted by Michael Pinn)