ASIP - Balearic Brilliance


It’s been a while since I visited the White Isle, but the influences from my visits still ring true today – I’m a sucker for classic Balearic chill-out.

It’s getting seriously cold in the UK now and with the summer long gone, we’re all wishing we were  somewhere else. The first in a two-part series, the idea for this mix come from a short tweet conversation between DJ Rich-Ears and I. A little love for a Balearic track and before we knew it, the challenge had been thrown down.

My choices reflect some of my fondest and personal memories – specific days, nights and mornings. You’ll find classic balearic chill, to more recent efforts and even a hint of my trance influence.

ASIP was up first. DJ Rich-Ears to follow with Pt 2.



01. Rhian Sheehan – Te Karanga
Not only can Rhian strut with the finest cinematics, Balearic also comes naturally.

02. Language Lab – Burning Disaster (Groove Armada Bedtime Story remix)
The original is totally different. Instant relaxation with this one.

03. Ganga – Luna
Ganga is one of them artist’s you can brush over too easily. ‘I Dream About Trees’ is a must if you like this track.

04. Jose Padilla – Adios Ayer (Paul Daley remix)
Ibiza’s father of chill meets Mr Leftfield. What else could you wish for? The original is hard to beat, but Paul Daley provides a modern twist on a Balearic beauty.

05. The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Tom Middleton DnB edit)
A classic Ibiza track revamped into a subtle Drum’n Bass style by Global Communication’s Tom Middleton.

06. Mark’s & Henry’s – (The Making Of…) Jill / A conversation with Rickie Lee Jones
Retro Ibiza, with a little sample which epitomises Ibiza for me. Overused maybe, but I’m never one to stay on trend.

07. Rocket Empire – Montezuma’s revenge
One of the newest tracks on here, great synth progression and really atmospheric.

08. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods ambient remix)
My all-time favourite trance track stripped back to the core, and focused on the one part which everyone has come to love.

09. Moby – My Beautiful Blue Sky
Moby’s early ambient productions are still as influential as they were in 1993.

10. Chris Coco – My Sunset
Chris Coco needs no introduction and deserves his place amongst the tracklist. The vocal in this track takes you somewhere else…

11. Dousk – Anagram
A hard one to fit in. First heard on Sako’s ‘Last Days’, this track was made for Balearic Chill and had to be included.