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isolatedmix 59 - Martin Nonstatic: Inside


It's been an amazing 2015 for Martin Nonstatic, with his crowning moment arriving in the form of a stunning release on Ultimae Records. As I wrote last month, and as many have no doubt since heard, it's one of the best ambient electronica albums released this year, so I feel extremely lucky to round out this year's isolatedmix series with a very special effort by Martin.

After a busy few years producing the likes of Granite and rearranging his set up, studio, workflow and recording ­sample libraries, Martin decided to take himself back Inside again. Accompanied by "hundreds of hours of ASIP's beautiful mixes" (his words not mine!) Martin came up with the idea to curate several pieces of his material and create a live mix, dedicated to one of his favorite places.

Inside invites you closer behind the scenes of Martin's studio, through dusty crackled samples, dub chords, layered atmospheres, drones and sonic ideas salvaged from previous live sessions and recordings, found throughout his hardware and recording libraries. 

To make the mix even more special, we've had three parts of the mix mastered by NikosF and prepared for download over on Bandcamp. There's a minimal price for the release on Bandcamp for the people seeking extra quality, but the actual mix is as always, free to download below. 

Thanks to Martin and NikosF for the stunning effort and making our last mix of the year extra special. We hope you enjoy it.



Buy high quality on Bandcamp.


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