Martin Nonstatic - Granite


Sometimes, you get to see one of your favorite artists continue to strive for beautiful music and sometimes, they land exactly where you hope they would. This is one of those instances.

Martin Nonstatic has featured on our good friends Silent Season and Dewtone with several EP's before this, his coming-of-age album, and undoubtedly his finest piece to date. There's no greater platforms than the aforementioned labels for this type of organic music and Martin has never failed to lull us into his warm tones on each occasion. After several EP's, we were all wishing for a full-length album one day.

Granite, has landed, and on Ultimae Records no less. A favorite label of mine for years, playing host to the likes of Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms, it's a fitting home for Martin, but one that raised an eyebrow in terms of how Martin's music may present itself on such an esteemed, atmospheric label, often home to the more trance-like or psychedelic sound.

It's a natural progression to say the least. Martin's gracious warmth and appreciation for slow-burning melodies have evolved to reach new atmospheres - more space, more angst, and more definition in his sound. A unique balance of dub-techno, ambient, psy-trance and electronica - a sound that Ultimae have continued to push forward since early 00's, And in Martin Nonstatic, they've found the best of the bunch.

Available on Bandcamp.


We have a very special Martin Nonstatic isolatedmix dropping in December...