The Field

isolatedmix 84 - Black Swan


Black Swan’s music goes back to the early days of discovery here on ASIP. It was our good friend 36 who put us on to the cinematic drones of Black Swan’s 2012 album Aeterna, and by way of an introduction, the musical similarities between the two aren’t dissimilar, especially when concerning some of 36’s earlier works. The pair even teamed up in 2012 for a track called, Mist and are also set to collaborate again this summer. News also just hit that Black Swan and Hotel Neon will be collaborating in 2019. Two artists who are great at creating dense and interesting soundscapes, evident by Hotel Neon’s latest album, Means of Knowing’.

But where Black Swan’s music comes into its own (dark)light, is the continual swirling descent; music that pulls you down deeper, in the very best way. Black Swan is built for cathedrals at night, with mysterious, sometimes religious connotations, and most importantly, epic walls of sound. It’s vivid ambient music that demands your attention.

Given the introduction so far, you’d probably expect a full-on drone isolatedmix to follow, but instead Black Swan draws a certain tense and suspenseful tone through numerous styles. From the recorded manipulations of Chris Watson setting the scene, to the driving pulses of The Field, and the break in the clouds with Jon Hopkins and Aural Method. It’s a journey as emotionally charged as Black Swan’s own productions.



01. Chris Watson - El Divisadero
02. 36 - Hollow
03. The Field - Made Of Steel. Made Of Stone
04. Witxes - Orients
05. Black Swan - Slow Oblivion"
06. Tomasz Mreńca - Pleasure
07. Jannick Schou - Veldt
08. Jon Hopkins - Feel First Life
09. Aural Method - I Dreamed of Choirs Slow and Steady, The Song Was Ours Its Woe Was Heavy
10. The Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones - Son Mansarde Roselin
11. Adam Wiltzie - Potosi
12. Daniel Hart - Post Pie
13. Burial - Archangel

Black Swan | Bandcamp


todos - Cold Shoulders


After twelve Kilchurn Sessions, you can only imagine how many tracks todos has selected, filtered, tried and ultimately cut from the bunch. It's what makes a mix so time consuming - you can come up with a 'playlist' but most of the time, these tracks wont blend together well, don't flow well, or just don't belong. I personally have a list of tracks which never really fit well in a mix despite my ongoing efforts - it includes some of my favourite music ever, but some tracks just don't work well as  part of a larger mix.

In Cold Shoulders, todos, has  managed to conjure a solid journey out of the many tracks he has left behind over the past few Kilchurn Sessions. Despite its connotations, this is as attractive a mix as any of the Kilchurn Sessions, and may just be the greatest reject mix you've ever heard.

"The previous 3 Kilchurn Sessions have seen many great tracks dashed aside, either they didn’t fit the mix, the mood or the feeling at the time. At the end of the day, they didn’t make the cut! Here, I have put many of them together, in a mix of their own. It’s not an official Kilchurn but takes a similar approach. Less time was taken with it, hardly any edits done or pain staking samples tweaked and added.  It is a collection of great “rejects”. Hence the name ‘Cold Shoulders’ I hope you enjoy" - todos.




01. Steinbrüchel - ’08’
02. Swartz Et - ‘Yours Mine Ours’ / Brooke Blair and Will Blair - ‘Lights Out’
03. Christopher Willits - ’Now’
04. Gacha Bakradze - ‘Mississipi’
05. Need a Name - ‘Road to Berlin’
06. Theodore Shapiro, José González & Mark Graham - ‘Quintessence’
07. Turtle - ‘Us’
08. Christopher Willits - ‘Wide’
09. The Field - ‘No. No…’
10. Taiga - ‘East Breeze’
11. Burstbot - ‘Inherited’
12. Tom Raybould - ‘The End’
13. Seekae - ‘Another’
14. I Break Horses - ‘Heart To Know’
15. Rival Consoles - ‘Haunt’