Sven Weisemann

Synkro - Changes Remix EP (Helios exclusive stream)


Synkro's debut album, Changes, was a culmination of many years work for the British artist. After becoming synonymous with remixes, EP's, collaborations along with his work as part of Kiyoko, it was a well overdue album release which captured his unique sound; combining ambient, bass, beats and jungle, to name just a few styles. 

This makes it of little surprise to see the wide-ranging artists contained within his upcoming remix EP for the album, enlisting four artists from across the electronic music spectrum; Sven Weisemann; Legowelt, DBridge and Helios. 

Beginning with a 13-minute trip by the man behind DesolateSven Weisemann, his signature echoed piano and angelic vocals take on one of the deeper tracks from the album, Your Heart, flipping the emotion into a soulful, hopeful take on the original. 

Straight-up aggressive acid and stabby-chords from Legowelt form the remix of the slow-stepping title track, Changes - no surprise from a man who drops funky-acid-tinged albums such as Amiga Railroad Adventures.

DBridge is probably the most obvious remix choice for the EP given his closeness in sound to Synkro (and undoubtedly a big influence on Synkro's sound), and his choice of track, Body Close, is also a banker, given the autonomic sound and lead vocal - ripe for a DBridge rip. The result is as big, and as stomping as you would expect from the drum'n bass legend.

Lastly, Synkro honors the many ambient influences on the album by enlisting one of the best ambient producers out there to take on Midnight Sun. The nostalgic Boards of Canada sounding original might seem the easy choice for Helios, but the result is refined; with Keith toning down the beats and chords, turning Midnight Sun into a majestic and ethereal piece of downtempo. One of Helios' best and a perfect ending for an eclectic remix EP.

We've got the Helios remix to stream in its entirety below.

Changes Remix EP available on Bandcamp in digital, vinyl and tape.


ASIP - Silhouettes

Ascending mountains, shrouded in fog, dark silhouettes guide your path.

A dark and introspective techno mix I managed to squeeze in between my move from Portland to LA. Mostly new stuff, including an exclusive by Roel Funcken (half of Funckarma) from his new forthcoming Legiac album, n5MD's latest roster addition, Okada, WNDFRM's defining moment on Prologue, and Sebastian Mullaert's second record from his Wa Wu We imprint. 

Links below link direct to buy and support the artist/label. 



01. Legiac - Transcendental Sea (The Voynich Manusscript) / Forthcoming
02. Tegh & Kamyar Tavakoli - Fractal (Through The Winter Woods) / Hibernate
03. Okada - Vulnerability (Impermanence) / n5MD
04. Sven Weisemann - Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus (Fall of Icarus EP) / Delsin
05. WNDFRM - Monopole (Formal Variant EP) / Prologue
06. Exos - Eastwood (My Home Is Sonic) / Delsin
07. Cio D’Or - Tomorrow Was Yesterday  (All In All) / Semantica
08. Varg - Vitberget (Ursviken) / Northern Electronics
09. Acronym - Back To Understanding (June) / Northern Electronics
10. Donnacha Costello - Blue B (Blue) / Minimise
11. Wa Wu We - 002 B1 (Wa Wu We 002) / WaWuWe
12. Conforce - Artefact From A Higher Dimension (Presentism) / Delsin
13. Aphex Twin - ssnb (Unreleased/ Soundcloud)