isolatedmix 51 - Kiyoko


With just one album and two EP’s to their name so far, Jack Lever and Joe McBride are just at the beginning of their journey together asKiyoko, but setting a ridiculously high standard from the off. Individually, the duo’s productions have spread far and wide as Synkro (Joe) and Bering Strait (Jack) on labels such as Apollo, Auxiliary, and D-Bridge’s label, Exit Records. Together they each bring something rather special to the party which has entertained the ears of many of us from the very beginning (with their debut album, Sea of Treesand has left us itching for whatever’s next around the corner.

Kiyoko’s unique approach defies the genre boundaries many people stick to nowadays. Their productions are refined and seem stripped down to the very core of what makes us tick. Playing on the origins of drum’n bass and incorporating the slow-burning melodies and euphoria of atmospheric ambient music, subtle samples and neat beat-work add an often unexpected addictive twist to their productions.

The northern-English duo are a little elusive on the mix front too. Since their mix for Finest Ego in 2012, I’ve had them on my isolatedmix wishlist; it was perfectly mixed, key-considerate and a true reflection of their inspirations. Isolatedmix 51 takes it one step further, and will once again go down as one of my favourite mixes in a very long time.

Looking ahead, their debut album Sea Of Trees is finally getting a vinyl-press through Auxiliary. But until that special day, sit back and escape with the duo’s inspirational isolatedmix. And if you’re new to either of them, check out their individual productions as Synkro (his recent mix for i-D mag) and Bering Strait – undoubtedly two of today’s most exciting producers indivudally, and just as revered together as Kiyoko.

“The mix is a selection of some of our favorite ambient tracks from the past & present & we would like to say it is an honour to have a mix up alongside some of our favorite artists of all time (Helios, Arovane, ASC to name a few)”. (Kiyoko)




01. Oh, Yoko – Seashore (Instrumental Ver.2)
02. Kiyoko – Open
03. Xela – Impulsive Behaviour
04. Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version)
05. Kiyoko – Archway
06. Move D – Rote Zone
07. Christ. – Discombobulate
08. Ian Hawgood – A Film By The Remote Viewer
09. Dania Shapes – December Waiting Room
10. Sad City – You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful
11. Synkro – VII
12. Ambulance – Hydro Lines
13. Tangerine Dream – Remote Viewing
14. Bering Strait – Transmission 110 
15. Desolate – Imagination
16. Machinedrum – Vizion
17. Vatican Shadow – Whitewashed Compound Stealth Helicopter Crash
18. Kiyoko – Something To Think About
19. Muslimgauze – Old Arab Record Not On Compact Disc

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