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isolatedmix 16 - Kettel


A producer of fine experimental, IDM and electronica, Kettel‘s sound has been instrumental in my years discovering music. Organic, with a massive appreciation of melody and ability to strike the most poignant and interesting electronic soundscapes, Kettel’s productions sit neatly alongside the likes of Aphex Twin’s finest productions, yet on a different day have the ability to stand a million miles apart in a world of their own. Gentle piano’s in Memory Steps polarise against Aphex Twin sounding tracks such as Dolend and Coddle. Reimer Eising is a producer with years of experience and there’s something for everyone amongst his immense electronic back catalogue.

Needless to say, Reimer’s influences are varied and have arisen from all walks of life. isolatedmix 16 is a very special ‘mixtape’ style journey, all lovingly glued together with added loops, samples and utmost care. Whilst the first half dabbles in genres and tempo, the second half is a deep dive into Reimer’s more IDM influenced side.

The mix contains tracks that are all special to him in one way or another. Close friends Coppe and Phoenicia feature, with his own favourite hip-hop moments from, A Tribe Called Quest, “masters” in the form of FSOL and “the master”, Morricone. Special memories invoked from, Mouse on Mars sit alongside “meditative arrangements” from Miles Davis, and of course a Kettel mix wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Boards of Canada’s very own seagull, in Happy Cycling.

Purveyors of quality mixes get ready for something very special…

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01. Miles Davis & Bill Laswell – In a silent way
02. Coppe – Zojoji
03. Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling
04. A Tribe Called Quest – Start it up
05. Talib Kweli & Madlib – Funny Money
06. Gescom – Push Button Objects (remix)
07. Future Sound of London – Yage
08. Dead Can Dance – The Carnival is Over
09. Mouse on Mars – Chagrin
10. Ennio Morricone – Il Ritorno di Ringo
11. Future Sound of London – Coastline
12. E.O.G – Shoot Out
13. Phoenecia – Somory
14. AFX – Unreleased
15. Fennesz – Badminton Girl
16. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon (The Orb mix)
17. Autechre – Goz Quarter
18. Bibio – Saint Christopher
19. Kettel – Tomorrow Jail (Unreleased)

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