Kettel & Secede – When Can


Back in August, Kettel and Secede released a ‘When Can Flavors mix‘ which included some of their recent inspirations, and as the title conveys, influenced their upcoming album. It was a truly epic experimental mix, shifting between all types of genres.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new album – an album which marks the return of the brilliant Sending Orbs label after two years. The ‘Flavors’ mix did it’s job put it that way. ‘When Can’ is a monumental piece of experimental music which quite honestly, is like nothing i’ve heard before.

I gave Secede’s infamous album ‘Tryshasla’ a spin before listening to ‘When Can’ and although you can here Secede’s sound throughout this album, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where or how he and Kettel pieced this together and how on earth they come up with something as genius. Kettel is often renowned for perhaps, the weirder style of electronica music, and Secede, a master of miniature sounds, samples and that ‘outerworld’ feeling and both of these styles feature. But I think the thing that blows me away with this album is the unexpectedness of the sounds, the pure guts and glory of making something which they obviously enjoyed doing – no pre-tense, no expectations, and definitely no genre in mind.

You’ve got, what I can only describe as ‘medieval style’ music on tracks such as ‘Pentimento’ (i’m sure someone with a better background in music than me can pinpoint this style), more ambient, experimental tracks such as ‘Jahe’ and then ‘Admittance’ – probably one of my favourite tracks this year. Amazing percussion, choir-esque vocals, an overlaying of beautiful piano, crescendos and drops that are as euphoric as a dance-floor orientated track – from a track which couldn’t be less ‘dance’ if it tried. Check my scrobbles – I can’t stop playing it, yet this track (and the whole album) is so unique, I have a feeling some people will listen and be asking what all the fuss is about – love it or hate it, these guys have been crafting something special for years.

As early as 2005 Kettel and Secede hatched plans to produce a full-length collab. The two friends have been working together, on and off, to grow a style and craft an album that wouldn’t be just a merger or an addition, but that would render a genuine novelty. This year they delivered.

There’s definitely a theme, and a style – but i have no idea what it is – it’s just great and easily one of the more original and surprising albums of the year. Those seven years must’ve seen many inspirations, but it sounds like, they decided to create their own. Welcome back Sending Orbs!

You can listen to a few of the samples on the Sending Orbs Soundcloud and ‘When Can’ can be pre-ordered now, available November 26th.


Kettel & Secede – When Can (flavors mix)

The legendary Sending Orbs label has been quiet for the past few years but we’re about to witness a revival. Home to Yagya’s first releases (both ‘Rigning’ and ‘Will I Dream During The Process’) as well as Markus Guentner’s ‘Doppelgaenger’, the label has enlisted its debut artists to get the needle back on track, as Secede and Kettel team up for a joint release called ‘When Can’.

The Sending Orbs website has had a makeover in preparation and Kettel and Secede have prepared this lovely ‘flavours’ mix in anticipation of the release and have this to say about it:

To launch the new Sending Orbs website ( and to warm up for their new collaboration full-length “When Can”, Kettel & Secede have prepared little mix of tunes that have colored the fields of their inspiration over the past months. This mix does not feature any actual songs from the album.

So no tracklist then, and as yet no preview of the collaboration either. But if the flavours of this mix are anything to go by, we’re in for a truly exceptional experimental release. This is one beautiful journey packed full of the unknown, samples and touches of inspiration from both artists.

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(No tracklist as yet)