Fauxpas Music

Rising Sun - The Lamentations Of Rising Sun


This album's been on repeat for me the past few weeks. Berlin producer Rising Sun, who seemingly has a healthy back catalog, released his second full length in March on the respected Fauxpas Music label (home of Desolate and Brambles) titled, The Lamentations Of Rising Sun

It's hard to pin this one down and that's what makes it so good. It's 90's inspired for sure, with rave synth-lines and vocals, reminiscent of early jungle music in You Loose. Early Moby style "Go" tracks like Parade Version F, Amen Break rips in Brighter Day, Kaito style melodic ambient synths in D.E.T.R.O.I.T, Desolate/Sven Weisemann influenced slow jams like Hold The Line, and Frankie Knuckle / Robert Owens straight-up string-house influences in In My Mind

"More crossover than one specific style. The music itself is the sketchy attempt to detain moments that haven’t been planned, so it’s a statement that I can foresee in any way, even though the open up of a track is always the same, almost like a ritual. The character is to capture and convert the music of rising sun".

Something in here for any dance music fan that experienced the euphoria of early 90's music, with an additional new Berlin twist.

Available on Bandcamp