ASIP - Patterns of Perception #22


The Opal Collective are a group of artists putting on some and parties in Berlin, alongside a superbly curated guest-mix series called Patterns of Perception. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute, alongside the likes of Refracted and Jamie McCue, from our friends at Silent Season, and many other great artists. 

The mix focuses on atmosphere through ambient and techno, with some unexpected twists and turns, and you could say, even gets a little trancey... I wanted it to fit within the ethos and style that Patterns of Perception have curated, whilst also offering something a little different from the techno realm. 

Hope you enjoy the journey. 



01. Black Swan - Voodoo Crimes [Self]
02. Arovane - Electro-acoustic Session 13 [Self]
03. Graintable - Lunar Tides [Self]
04. Monolake - Cubicle [Imbalance Computer Music]
05. ASC - Raging Seas [Silent Season]
06. Lav & Purl - Altered States [Amone]
07. Roel Funcken - Android Robson [Funcken Industry]
08. Donato Dozzy - Quadra Sette [Bunker NY]
09. Luigi Tozzi - Mefite [Mental Modern]
10. Jens Uwe Beyer - Moonshine Tangerine [Kompakt] 
11. Jesse Somfay - Can You See Me I’m Waving [Archipel]
12. nthng - It Never Ends [Lobster Theremin]
13. Tin Man - Glassy Acid [Global A]
14. Alessandro Cortini - Rimasta [Important Records]
15. Magic Mountain High - Smeared Texture [Air Texture]
16. Lord Of The Isles - Beatha [Firecracker Recordings]