Illuvia - Illuvia


It's easy for me to like Purl's new album as Illuvia. After all, his magical sounds alongside Lav brought us the brilliant A State of Becoming LP. One of the many reasons I took this release on, was because nothing else out there sounds quite like it. The duo managed to create this organic, breathable ambient sound that was meditative, yet full of energy. 

Illuvia, is one of Purl's many follow-ups released under his own label, Eternell and in my eyes, is a perfect continuation of the sound found on A State of Becoming. The organic feel is still present, albeit with less of a purposeful setting than ASOB due to Lav's missing field recordings; but in its absence, Purl replaces 'lean-back' sounds, with 'lean-in' moments.

With a stunning amount of detail, told through beautiful piano moments, drifting pads, and complex drum patterns, Ludvig dances between ambient soundscapes, breaks and full drum'n bass, as heard below in Illuvia (Exaltation). LTJ Bukem eat your heart out.

As Ludvig develops this very unique and distinct sound, I'm continually surprised by the pallet of sounds he pulls from; the combination of styles, and the ultimate end-purity of it all. It's a great example of how ambient music can also be imaginative, detailed, complex and melodic, yet still send you into another world. 

Available on Bandcamp.