Peter Michael Hamel - Colours of Time, re-interpreted


As I gear up to see Deepchord for the very first time this Friday in LA (event details), I'm reminded of the beauty this man can deliver, listening to his upcoming split-EP alongside Wolfgang Voigt, re-imagining Peter Michael Hamel.

Seen as one of the earliest pieces of ambient music, Peter Michael Hamel's epic space-synthesizer score from 1980 has been re-imagined by two modern electronic pioneers at the top of their game - two dream remixers for any producer. Split between the two sides and taking in over 19-minutes each, it's a rarity to not only see these two producers on the same record, but a privilege to be treated to such extended and intricate productions. 

From the opening moment, Deepchord sets a tranquil ambient tone, with his Carolina Forest Mix. The sound of flowing water and meandering, gorgeous atmosphere slowly intensify, until the mood changes around 12-minutes in and the forest becomes darker, with less life and a more ominous tone. This forest began as an inviting, enchanting place, only to descend into an uncharted territory. The attention to detail, the slowly evolving story and swells of beats remind me of Voices From The Lake, only without the spur of synthesizers. 

Given the tone of Deepchord's remix and its similarities to Wolfgang's Voigt's early work as Gas, you're left wondering whether this remix EP actually set out to become a masterclass in ambient music. But as the title suggests, Wolfgang's Neokraut Trip plays much closer to the original and deflects any thoughts of a dubby, Gas performance, keeping the epic synth from Peter's original score, yet adding a signature Pop-Ambient sound that's so familiar across Kompakt's ambient releases and especially, the likes of Thomas Fehlmann's infamous Gute Luft. Time and time again, Wolfgang pushes the definition of ambient music and in this instance, his appreciation of the original and curiosity surrounding the original piece helps create a glorious extended score, similar to the structure and approach to his recent productions in Rückverzauberung.

There's no doubt this is the must-own record of 2016 for any ambient fan - but you knew that already purely by the veteran remixers at hand. The difference being, this one truly lives up to the combined years of experience between them both. 

Colours of Time, re-interpreted will be available on July 25th on 180gsm 12", on Astral Industries.