Comit - Trip 001


A new label and series from Texas drum'n bass outfit Warm Communications will debut with a very special colored 7" by ASC under the newly created Comit alias. 

Headed by Heath Looney, the label, Short Trips was originally inspired by mid-nineties electronica /IDM and ambient; no doubt the type we came to recognise from the likes of some of our favourites here at ASIP; City Centre Offices, Morr Music and Warp.

Whilst ASC is no stranger to us, this particular style is a new territory to his ever-expanding catalog. ASC has been producing some of the best drum'n bass, ambient and deep techno for a while now, so the release comes with high hopes of equally high production values. Luckily for us, inspiration and genre may change, but his style is as evident as ever.

Kicking off the release, Under Your Spell begins with a melodic synth reminiscent of the structure and style we found in early Hermann and Kleine tracks, but with the confident spaced-out stride of recent artists like Kiyoko / Bering Strait. The rumbling, creeping
atmospheres are pulled straight from the heart of ASC's deepest moments, creating a wonderful juxtaposition between the old and new styles at play.

On the flip, Contact High, comes closest to the style ASC has carved out for himself, with the echoes of a Drum'n Bass style reformulated into a more subdued style of IDM. The progressive pads we're used to seeing in ASC's ambient work for the likes of Silent Season, play the lead role against a sparse, heavy beat. 

The digital bonus, Soft Focus takes an even more patient, darker stance as the echoing pad is slowly adorned with hi-hats, claps and the undercurrent of heavy bass. Like a purposefully slowed drum'n bass track, it's a modern take on the nostalgic sounds you'll associate with the likes of Boards of Canada. Yet, whilst it's easy to imitate, Comit chooses to innovate - a sound that's evidently his, with a clear nod to yesteryear. 

Trip 001 (and all future Trips) will be pressed on 7" vinyl, with 001 featuring an exclusive digital bonus track. We're lucky enough to hold an exclusive stream of the A side, Under Your Spell below, alongside clips of all three tracks. 

We hear Short Trips has releases by Bering Strait and Ulrich Schnauss lined up for the near future too, so stay close to this one. 

Available May 13th on 7" yellow vinyl + digital. Follow the Short Trips Facebook page for more info or