Lav & Purl - The Present Moment


Lav & Purl have existed as individual artists for a while now, with both making appearances on the collective Dewtone, and Purl  also contributing his unique, melodic pulsing ambience on Silent Season, with the much loved album, 'Stillpoint'

The Present Moment is the second release by the duo, after the recently released EP 'Earth And Beyond' on their own label, Amone RecordingsThis delicate, nurtured track, combines beautiful sound recordings from Lav (Christopher Landin) alongside piano and drifting melodies from Purl, (Ludvig Cimbrelius). I won't get into much further detail on this track however, as it's the start of something much bigger...

This track was a part of a larger album originally, but earned its own release as it distinguished itself from the other tracks with a softer, calmer atmosphere. The remaining tracks from this production will form ASIP's seventh vinyl release, titled 'A State Of Becoming' and arriving in early 2017 on double vinyl. 

So, here's a taster of what's to come!

Download on Bandcamp.