bvdub, Miktek, Synkro, Northern Electronics


bvdub - Lost Ambient (and more from the archives)

That day has come. Brock has embraced the world of Bandcamp and we're set to be both musically better-off and monetarily worse off. He's not just uploading any old crap either, we're treated some lost ambient tracks, as well as a twenty-six track compilation titled tech from times past. For once, Brock's titles are as a literal as could be, and in this instance, it means we've got some old ambient gems and tracks from his techno roots to dig into. Available on Bandcamp.


Miktek - Ambient Network III

For the Ultimae followers out there, Miktek will be old-hat to you by now. As a past home to Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields and many other space-ambient style astronauts, the label is a breeding ground for this style of  music. However it's nice to see the individual artists break-out to give us something plucked from their back catalog - the brilliance of Bandcamp. Miktek treats us to a unique collection of delicate sounds that will appeal to any lover of slow-paced ethereal soundscapes. Available on Bandcamp.


Synkro - Changes

As one half of Kiyoko, Joe Synkro has long been a household name for Drum'n Bass followers, however it's Joe's evolution in this sound which is attracting listeners from across genres. Similar to the likes of ASC with his progression of the autonomic sound, Synkro's heritage in Drum'n Bass has led him to explore more atmospheric sounds, underpinned with some unique beat-work and a general push-back on any genre pigeon-holing associated with such styles. You'll find some lush ambience wrapped in scattered beats, old-skool Jungle, and OPN-style choral, synth work amongst the many iterations in Changes. Available on Bandcamp.


Northern Electronics (RA Label Of The Month mix)

Something a little different, a mix from the land of RA. Northern Electronics are causing quite a stir in the world of techno with their barrage of deep swells hemorrhaging from the mind of label head Abdullah Rashim. Both Varg, and Acronym have produced some stunning favorites of late, and I'm not even a tenth of the way through the label's extensive catalogue on Bandcamp. Dig deep and you'll find some truly amazing ambient music hidden as preludes and intros to the many banging techno albums, along with styles progressive, immersive styles normally associated with Voices From The Lake

So what better way to get to know the label than this mix. Deep techno that will speak to anyone wishing for a darker pulse in their heartbeat.  Download available on Soundcloud.