Donnacha Costello - Stay Perfectly Still


Any new instrument, software, toy, or newfound capability to be creative is going to inspire you to be more productive. Just this past July, Donnacha Costello gave us his latest creation from his synth-inspired world- Love From Dust, and he's already tweaking the style and approach on his beloved Buchla Music Easel to bring us a new album, titled, Stay Perfectly Still

Love From Dust varied in approaches (which was outstanding given the overall simplicity in end-sound), invoking a certain Japanese feel alongside moments of complete ethereal, sci-fi induced space music. Stay Perfectly Still sees Donnacha refine the sound even further, getting closer to his 2001 ambient core and drawing parallels with productions such as Dry Retch

Melodies develop slower, layers envelope with more patience, distortion creeps unknowingly, tones become softer, the blanket gets softer, and you nod-off to sleep quicker. 

This Way, is the albums quiet interlude, to a quieter, That Way. Enso is the albums yang to Love From Dust's, track Farewell.  It's easy to draw comparisons between them both but you'll notice a maturity in approach, a taming of the beast, a taming of the Buchla maybe. Such a machine boasts such potential, and it takes skill to refine a sound rather than push it any many different directions.

Available on Bandcamp in vinyl and digital formats. 

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