Levi Patel - Forms


You may remember this talented young producer from his Places Series piece, ‘Dissociation‘ – a rare gem amongst the thousands of aspiring composers in the modern-classical field. Levi Patel’s talent has shone, and John Beltran’s label Dado Records picked up his most recent work ‘Forms'; a five-track EP that brings together years of hard graft from the New Zealand star.

The EP is undoubtedly influenced by his beautiful natural surroundings in New Zealand (the artwork plays a big part in the release), as well as some of his heroes – the likes of fellow country-man Rhian Sheehan. Just those two ingredients alone should get you salivating at the music at hand.

I’ve been lucky enough to stay close to Levi throughout his production, and have experienced first-hand his dedication and attention to detail. The EP’s tracks are all written, performed and recorded by Levi himself, and the sheer beauty and intricacy of the instruments used in these tracks will leave you dumbfounded at the possibility of that fact. With additional support on vocals, violas and cellos, Levi’s intimate piano and string melodies shine amongst some subtle yet poignant atmospheres. Never compromising and never complex, Levi’s compositions are confident – not what you’d expect from such a young composer. His ability to hold back, then to pull the heart-strings, and to suddenly layer instrument upon instrument as one single, emotional piece is what makes this EP hit home.

This is music that would define a soundtrack and the music that immortalises a memory. The perfect companion to that vivid and beautiful landscape, that moment of fleeting love, or indeed, the escapism needed from it all. It’s damn-right beautiful.

Available through Dado Records on Bandcamp and iTunes