isolatedmix 41 - Arovane

After our in-depth interview with Uwe, there isn’t much more we need to say to introduce such an esteemed man of music. As most of you know, a mix from Uwe is rare and it’s the first time (at least in over nine years) that we’re treated to a genuine insight into what makes him tick. Rare IDM, studio colabs from years gone-by and beautiful vinyl have inspired this very special dive into Uwe’s mind, echo’ing his signature sound and appreciation for the finest detail throughout. With tracks spanning from 1997 until 2002, this mix taps straight into the heart of a defining era for electronica.

Take a seat, grab your headphones, have a read, and dive into a world of glitch, IDM and atmospheric electro-acoustic surges that could only have come from one of the greatest sound-designers of our time.

Once you’re finished with the mix, Uwe’s return to form, ‘Ve Palor’, is out now on n5MD through BandcampCD or red vinyl editions. Continue the journey we’ve all been waiting a very long time for…




01. Pan American – Quarry A
02. Markant – Cat M18
03. Dynamo – Aufenthalt
04. Radian – Biodapter
05. Main – VII
06. Biophilia Allstars – No movement, No sound, No memories
07. Snd – Newtables 36
08. Zorn – The City is Collapsing (But Not Tonight)
09. Signer – Interior Dub
10. Artificial Duckflavour – infarct


Pan American – Quarry A
“A very nice 10″ vinyl. I love the special atmosphere on this record”

Markant – Cat M18
“I met Carsten Endraß years ago in south of Germany, he gave me a lot of his 10″ with beautiful self-made covers for my collection”

Dynamo – Aufenthalt
“A rare 12″ from Dynamo. Raw, technoid music, made with the sequential circuits studio 440 with a very special rhythmic signature”.

Radian – Biodapter
“This electroacoustic music fascinates me”

Main – VII
“Same with main. Sound source is an electric guitar”

Biophilia Allstars – No movement, No sound, No memories
“A very interesting project of Lux Nigra. I remember a fascinating session with Peter Gebert in my studio”.

Snd – Newtables 36
“Clean, crisp, digital”.

Zorn – The City is Collapsing (But Not Tonight)
“Micha and me met in my studio for some interesting sessions. I love this track.”

Signer – Interior Dub
“Very smooth, deep sound. I love to listen to late at night”.

Artificial Duckflavour – infarct
“A track with the smell of Artificial Duckflavour”.