Stray Theories – Those Who Remain

For those who went for the $20 Uncharted Places Bonus content package for Uncharted Places, you would have had the pleasure of receiving this beautiful new album by Stray Theories. His second full length, ‘Those Who Remain’ is evidence of Micah’s musical maturity reaching new levels and expanding upon his ingenious electronic compositions he’s treated us to recently.

It’s pretty obvious why I love Micah’s work and why he has been so welcome in contributing to The Places Series and Uncharted Places. His music is the perfect companion in illustrating emotions, landscapes and picturesque scenery that only exists inside your head. Whilst ‘Those Who Remain’ starts off on a darker more sincere note, it quickly develops into a softer more poignant side revolving around gentle pianos and subtle acoustics enveloped in Micah’s trademark cloud-like atmospheres and grainy background textures.

Just like Micah’s Places series release, what starts as a beautiful view out on to a lake, surrounded by mountains and fauna, slowly develops into a sunrise, with mist rolling across the water and clouds departing from shot, and appearing from the back of the gentle rolling gorges and glaciers. If music was meant to transport you then Micah’s productions are the drug of choice every time. I don’t think I can talk about his music by sound alone – only beautiful imagery can do his work justice. And because this is all subjective and down to personal interpretation, no ‘review’ can do this justice, only experience, so just sit back and make up your own mind.

‘Those Who Remain’ is available on a limited cassette through Already Dead and on Stray Theories’s bandcamp.