isolatedmix 34 - Anders Ilar

Ever since I heard Anders’ 2008 self-released (and free) album Twilight Rainfalls, i’ve wanted to get the Swedish maestro to do an isolatedmix. Tracks like ‘Rain In All Familiar Places’ epitomise my love of electronica – sheer beauty, melody and emotion.

Since that release, Anders has produced another four albums, and has just released his latest on Shitkatapult, ‘Elva’. Deeper, more complex and raw compared to Twilight Rainfalls, this album is yet another defining, varied piece of electronica and experimental music in Anders armoury.

For his isolatedmix, Anders has taken care to choose tracks that are very close to him, or have influenced his sound of today. It spans nearly the many genres of electronic music and is impeccably mixed and sequenced. If you remember Anders’ mix for Resident Advisor, or his more recent selection for Secret Thirteen, you’ll know you’re in for a bit of twisted journey. Here’s Anders with an introduction to the mix.

Over the past 30 years or so I’ve had a deep love for electronic music. I’ll never forget when I was introduced to the music of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre for the first time as a 7-year-old, and I was swept away. The sounds and the music opened up a new level of reality for me, transported me to a universe of enchanted worlds made of sounds. Over the decades, as the music changed and developed into various styles and genres, my personal preferences also changed with time. Always guided by a search for that sense of deep mystery and other-worldliness that the sounds inspired. Certain artists and musicians came to my attention, and their music became a big part of my life and identity. Music that has stuck with me ever since their vibrational patterns first hit my ears and fused with my mind and excited my chakras, resulting in a blissful state of awe and wonder, goosebumps often included. These tracks all have something that can only be described as magic. This mix is made up of a mere handful of tracks like this. Music that hits that special nerve. Soaking in mystery. Taking the listener for a ride through a few of my favorite magical moments in electronic music history from 1980 up until 2012. Enjoy!




1. Intro – Tearjerker
2. FSOL – Just a Fuckin’ Idiot (Virgin 1994)
3. Dictaphone – Templehof (City Centre Offices 2002)
4. Rechenzentrum – Vrieshuis Amerika (Shitkatapult 2000)
5. Involution – Mango Seals (1997, Sub-Conscious Communications 2007)
6. Shrubbn!! – Echo 3|3 (Shitkatapult 2012)
7. Max Spransy – The Lights In The Sky Are Stars (Merck 2005)
8. Dictaphone – The (City Centre Offices 2002)
9. Robin Guthrie – Halloween (Rykodisc 2005)
10. Skinny Puppy – Unovis on a Stick (1983, Nettwerk 1992)
11. Prothese – Couteau (1981, Art & Strategy 2004)
12. Depeche Mode – Oberkorn (Mute 1982)
13. SPK – Genetic Transmission (Thermidor 1982)
14. SPK – Post-Mortem (Thermidor 1982)
15. Dead Can Dance – The Fatal Impact (4AD 1984)
16. Tom Ellard – Traumat (1981, Sevcom 2005)
17. Skinny Puppy – The Pit (1983, Nettwerk 1992)
18. Severed Heads – In Her Hair… Guard Dog On Patrol (1982, Sevcom 2002)
19. Depeche Mode – Monument (Mute 1982)
20. The Tear Garden – Lonesome Tonight (Sub-Conscious Communications 2009)

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