ASIP018 Parks - Black Day, Silver Sea


A sunny day at the beach can be a wonderful thing but a wind and rain swept endeavour across the shifting sands rewards just as richly. Surrounded by the elements, for ‘Black Day, Silver Sea’ Igor basked in the wild, monochrome splendour of the Black Sea. 

“In the spring of 2012, I travelled to the Caucasus…the Black Sea. It was a sunny day and I was looking for a place to shoot a video with my doll.” Igor explains.“I always shoot the video in high places and when I came to the beach there was a storm. The sea sparkled like molten silver and the sky was black as coal and I thought that the stratosphere was suddenly getting low.” 

There’s a constriction to ‘Black Day, Silver Sea’ as it slow burns to impending turmoil. Black in name, and equally dark in spirit, the threat lies in the contrasting beauty of the melting tar sky bleeding into the silver of the sea. It’s a toneless outlook underpinned by clean melodies left to seep and linger; the gentle resonance of the piano line; the wash of the strings; the clean clarity of the foot-step percussion perfectly combine to malevolent effect, the perpetual rhythm of the waves ebbing into a horizon of the vast and unknown.. 

An understated apocalypse that creeps on, if the sky and the stars do fall, let their accelerated descent be as magnificent as this.