ASIP011 Echaskech - 626


The BT Tower stands out from the London skyline like an ancient alien watchtower, its benign presence never quite sitting with the rest of the city. Awkward and beautiful in its 1960s futuristic ugliness, it’s the heightened gateway to a landscape of progression and recession; of high-rise nihilism and the sprawling grey decay of a cosmopolitan capital. 

“We’re very much an urban based band so our sound and visuals are constantly being inspired by the megacity environment we’re immersed in,” Mach V begins. “We knew trying to find an isolated place in London would be a difficult thing to do however I was given a rare opportunity to visit a unique and culturally significant space. 

“Talking with Dom and Andy, we agreed that I would film the experience, edit it as I saw fit and then pass it to them to create the music. What you see and hear is the result of this collaboration and the title of the piece “626” is the height in feet of the BT Tower, the tallest building in London from 1966 to 1980.” 

A collaboration inspired by the view from the top of the tower, “626” is a twinkling tribute to a place that captures London’s panorama. With every slow revolution, it’s a soundtrack that blooms in the night sparkle, revealing a cityscape that’s both bleak and beautiful. 

Switching on with the neon, it’s a track that shimmers and glitters, flickering into life with the sodium dusk, becoming all-engulfing with every languid cycle - in the unforgiving daylight, it exposes and prettifies the concrete modernity of a seemingly endless urban sprawl. 

Ghosting through the evolution of night and day, 626’ synth-drizzled gaze sweeps and tumbles across the skyline, patiently inching towards the end of one revolution and the beginning of the next. 

Watch the view from the top: